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Adin Ballou's Genealogy of the Milford NELSONs

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Transcription of pp. 914-931 of Adin Ballou's History of Milford, 1882; the Biographico-Genealogical Register section concerning the NELSON families of Milford, Worcester, Massachusetts.

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This is my transcription of Ballou's genealogy of the Milford NELSONs. I have somewhat simplified the typography; I also took the liberty of rearranging some entries to preserve the generational order. Ballou uses some reasonably obvious abbreviations which I've left intact. I've found one death date which was earlier than the birth date, and there's at least one given name spelled differently in two places. If you find any other errata, please let me know. The usual caveat applies: although Ballou is usually reliable, these data are not verified.

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Generation 1

NELSON. The Nelsons have long been conspicuous and influential inhabitants of our territory and that of Upton. With the acceptable aid of important genealogical documents, left by the late Newell Nelson, Esq., and equally valuable ones furnished by Mr. Elijah Nelson of Upton, now resident in Providence, R.I., supplemented by careful researches of my own, I am prepared to give a reliable account of our Nelson ancestry and descent. From the printed document kindly sent me by Mr. Elijah Nelson, entitled, "A Family Record of the Descendants of Thomas Nelson and Joan his Wife: By one of them" published 1868, I quote as follows:—

"THOMAS NELSON was the ancestor of the Nelsons in Maine, New Hampshire, and the northern part of Massachusetts. He was one of the twenty families that emigrated with the Rev. Ezekiel Rogers from Rowley, Yorkshire, Eng., to this country, in Dec., 1638, and probably spent the winter in Salem, and removed, in the spring of 1639, to a place between Ipswich and Newbury, called for some time 'Mr. Rogers's Plantation.' In Sept. of the same year the Gen. Court gave it the name Rowley.

"Thomas Nelson was made freeman, May 23, 1639; chosen deputy to Gen. Court in 1640 and 41; in 1643 was chosen chairman of a committee to make a survey of the town, and lay out and register house-lots. In Oct., 1644, he was appointed to join in marriage persons in Rowley."

Thus promoted to positions of honor and responsibility, he seems to have gone steadily forward to prominent wealth and respectability. At length, being called on important business to England, he prudently made his will, departed, and, as it happened, never returned. He was taken dangerously sick in England, and died there in 1648. His wf. was Joan Dummer, dr. of Thomas Dummer, understood to have been of Rowley, Eng., or that vicinity. Their chn. were:—

PHILIP, b. in Eng., 1636; grad. Harvard U., 1654, and rose to eminence. THOMAS, b. in Eng., 1638; m., had a large family, and d. in Rowley. MERCY, b. Rowley, 1643; m. John Stark. SAMUEL, b. Rowley, 1646; no further traced. MARY, b. Rowley, 1648; no further traced.

Generation 2

NELSON, THOMAS2 (Thomas1), m., 1st, Ann Lambert, dr. of Francis Lambert, one of the original Rowley settlers. Their chn. were:—

THOMAS, b. March 10, 1661; lived and d. in Rowley. DOROTHY, b. Feb. 14, 1662; no further traced. HANNAH, b. June 22, 1665; m. Joseph Dickenson, Nov. 3, 1714. JONATHAN, b. Nov. 20, 1667; d. 1690. ELIZABETH, b. Feb. 25, 1669; d. Dec. 31, 1668. [sic] GERSHOM, b. July 11, 1672; the progenitor of all our Mil. Nelsons. FRANCIS, b. Feb. 19, 1675; no further traced.

Ann (Lambert) Nelson d. Jan. 2, 1668. He m., 2d, Mary Lunt of Newbury, May 13, 1680. She bore him Ephraim, March 23, 1681, and d. May 28, 1688. He m., 3d, Phillippa Platts of Rowley, April 9, 1690, who d. Oct. 9, 1709; and he, April 5, 1712.


Generation 3

NELSON, THOMAS3 (Thomas2, Thomas1), m., 1st, Hannah [_____], 1690, and had,—

SAMUEL, b. Feb. 14, 1691; progenitor of the Upton Nelsons. HANNAH, b. Dec. 17, 1693; no further traced. ABIGAIL, b. Feb. 4, 1696; d. Aug. 12, 1716. ELIZABETH, b. Oct. 15, 1704; m. Jos. Aspinwall, June 5,1728. ABIGAIL, b. Oct. 24, 1717; by 2d wf. Tabitha [_____].

The fr d. May 20, 1719, a. 59 yrs.

NELSON, GERSHOM3 (Thomas2, Thomas1), b. July 11, 1672; m. Abigail Ellithorpe, July 16, 1700; to whom were born,—

NATHANIEL, b. April 22, 1701; conspicuous here as Dea. and Elder. ANN, b. Sept. 4, 1703; m. James Godman, Nov. 19, 1731. SARAH, b. Feb. 27, 1707; m. Moses Gage, Jan. 13, 1731. MARY, b. April 16, 1713; m. Joseph Chapin, Feb. 5, 1729. HANNAH, b. Oct. 14, 1714; m. William Legg, had several chn., and d. July 3, 1755. NEHEMIAH, b. Oct. 4, 1716; lived and d. here a respected citizen. ABIGAIL, b. May 20, 1720; d. Aug. 29, 1736, in her 17th yr.

These chn. were all b. in Rowley. In April, 1722, Gershom Nelson purchased of Josiah Wood his large farm of some 200 acs., lying mainly just south of the Eld. John Jones est. in now Hopedale, though extending farther both east and west. Thither he immediately removed his family, and commenced the management of his new purchase. He appears to have been a man of means, energy, and enterprise. Josiah Wood bought the bulk of this real estate of Capt. Seth Chapin, the original settler, in 1715, but had made some additions to it, and in partnership with certain neighbors erected a saw-mill on its southerly skirt. The scant remains of the old dam are still discernible on the river, about half-way down from the Mendon-road stone bridge towards the new mill now in possession of Saml. Walker. But Mr. Nelson did not live long to enjoy his farm. He d. Sept. 14, 1727. His est. was settled by his eldest son Nathaniel, and divided among his heirs. His wid. long survived him, and d. Dec. 25, 1765, a. almost 87 yrs.


Generation 4

NELSON, SAMUEL4 (Thomas3, Thomas2, Thomas1), nephew to Gershom, b. Rowley, Feb. 14, 1691; m. Ann Palmer, Oct. 25, 1721, and settled in the southerly part of Upton, then included in Mendon, not long after his uncle Gershom came to the Josiah Wood farm in now Hopedale. Their homes were only about two miles apart. He was known and much respected in Upton, as Dea. Samuel Nelson. I have not undertaken to go much into details relative to the Upton Nelsons, and shall content myself with giving the substance of Mr. Elijah Nelson's communication to me on the subject, which is as follows:— Dea. Samuel had two sons, Francis and Thomas. Francis was b. in Rowley, Sept. 10, 1722; and Thomas in Upton, April 9, 1727. Between the births of these sons he moved into the south part of Upton, then Mendon. He divided his land between his two sons; giving the northern portion to Francis, and his immediate homestead to Thomas. Francis built anew on his land. Thomas had 3 sons: viz., Ezra, Nathan, and Thomas. Ezra d. in the Revolutionary war. Nathan never married. Thomas m. Hannah Bracket; and they had 3 sons and 4 drs. Their sons were Ezra, Jonathan, and Thomas. Ezra kept the tavern in Upton. Jonathan and Thomas lived on the old homestead. They are all dead. Hannah, one of their sisters, m. Jonathan Nelson of Worcester. He was a son of Dea. John, that went from Mil. to Worcester, and bro. to Rev. John Nelson of Leicester. Jonathan and Thomas left no chn. Francis Nelson, eldest son of Dea. Samuel, m. Hannah Tyler of Mendon. They had 3 sons and 4 drs. These all went to different parts of the country, except Joseph, who remained at home with his father. He had 3 sons and 3 drs. The drs. all d. young. His eldest son, Daniel, m. Betsey, a dr. of Thomas Nelson. She d., leaving one son, Samuel A. Nelson, boot and shoe dealer in Charleston, S.C. His 2d wf. was a sister of his 1st, and d. without chn. His 3d wf. was Betsey, dr. of Asa Wood. She had one dr., Betsey Jane, who m. George Claflin. They have been seven times to Africa as missionaries, and went last to Kansas. Issue, two drs. Elijah and Levi, sons of Joseph, lived with their fr. on the homestead. Elijah m. Mary, dr. of John Sadler. They had two chn., Mary Jane and Granville Dean. The dr. d. young; and her mr. d. June 14, 1871. The son is a merchant in Providence, R.I.; and Elijah, his fr., has resided with him since the death of his wf., in 1871. He, the fr., my correspondent, says he was b. Aug. 10, 1795, and was therefore, when this was written, in his 83d yr. His bro., Levi Nelson, m. Adaline, dr. of Joseph Wood of Upton. They had 2 chn., a son and a dr. The dr. d. young; and the son dwells on the old paternal homestead. My correspondent further states that his ancestor, Dea. Samuel, had a brother at one time near him who had a son David. This son went to Shrewsbury, and became the progenitor of all the Nelsons in that town. Mendon records mention a Nathaniel and wf. Sarah, 1741; prob. Dea. Samuel's brother. If I seem to have wandered beyond my proper limits, in giving this sketch of the Upton Nelsons, I trust the good may exceed the evil. I was curious to inquire into their relationship to our Nelsons, and my friend of that tribe took too much kind pains for my enlightenment to be lost. If any of the Upton Nelsons desire more information concerning their family stock, what is above given may serve to aid their researches. I now return to the Mil. Nelsons.

NELSON, NATHANIEL4 (Gershom3, Thomas2, Thomas1), b. April 22, 1701; m. Deborah, dr. of Capt. Seth and Bethiah (Thurston) Chapin, Mendon, April 15, 1725; cer. by Josiah Chapin, Esq. She was b. July 14, 1704. He was styled "weaver" in deeds and other legal instruments. He was early chosen a deacon of the First ch. in Mendon, next of the Second ch., Easterly Precinct, and then a ruling elder of the latter. He inherited, by deed of gift, one-third of his fr.'s real est. He dwelt at or near our Hopedale Corner, and through a long life enjoyed the unlimited confidence of his fellow-Christians and fellow-citizens generally. The chn. of Eld. Nelson and wf. Deborah were,—

RUTH, b. Jan. 28, 1726; d. Aug. 29, 1736. GERSHOM, b. July 29, 1729; lived, m., raised up a family, and d. here. JOSIAH, b. Aug. 16, 1732; lived, m., raised up a family, and d. here. SETH, b. June 22, 1735; lived, m., raised up a family, and d. here. ABIGAIL, b. July 14, 1737; m. Benjamin Albee, Dec. 3, 1755. NATHANIEL, b. June 10, 1741; d. Aug. 21, 1772. DEBORAH, b. July 5, 1743; m. Comfort Keith of Ux.

Mrs. Deborah, the mr., died July 21, 1777, at the age of nearly 73 yrs. The eld. m., for his 2d wf., Mrs. Sarah Thayer, wid. of Ensign Samuel Thayer, June 3, 1779; cer. by Rev. A. Frost. He d. Jan. 6, 1783, in his 82d yr., leaving an honored and long-cherished memory.

NELSON, NEHEMIAH4 (Gershom3, Thomas2, Thomas1), b. Oct. 4, 1716; about 12 yrs. old at the death of his fr., and placed under the guardianship of Eld. John Jones till of age; m. Hannah, dr. of Lieut. William and Mary Sheffield, Oct. 29, 1742. She was b. Feb. 28, 1723. Their chn. were,—

RUTH, b. Oct. 29, 1742; m. Joseph Jones, jun., gd. son Eld. John. ELIZABETH, b. March 30, 1746; m. Nathaniel Rawson, long known as Dea. Rawson. NATHANIEL, bap. Sept. 6, 1751; no further traced. HANNAH, bap. Sept. 14, 1755; no further traced. NEHEMIAH, bap. Aug. 27, 1758; m. Rhoda Wheelock, Mendon, Feb. 17, 1781. PAUL, bap. July 27, 1760; no further traced.

I have sought in vain to find some record of the births of the four lastnamed chn.; but Rev. Amariah Frost's record of baptisms furnished me the names and dates as above given. The fr. appears to have been a quiet, orderly, trustworthy citizen. I find him reputably mentioned in the various records of his times. He res. at or near the Sylvanus Adams place, and afterwards where David and Newell N. Nelson dwell. He d. 1782; and his wid. became the 2d wf. of Thomas Rawson, in 1785. She d. Feb. 8, 1803, not long after her last husband's decease.


Generation 5

NELSON, Capt. GERSHOM5 (Nathaniel4, Gershom3, Thomas2, Thomas1), b. July 29, 1729; m., 1st, Mercy Puffer of Wrentham, July 5, 1753; cer. by Rev. A. Frost. I have not succeeded in ascertaining her parentage nor date of birth. They res. on the site of the Amos Cook house at Hopedale Corner. He was a carpenter as well as farmer, and an influential man; gradually becoming a large landholder, and aggregating in one est. most of the smaller ones that existed at the commencement of his career in the near vicinity. In his prime he must have owned probably several hundred acres. He and his wf. Mercy had chn. as follows:—

MARY, b. Feb. 15, 1755; m. Jonas Parkhurst, jun., Dec. 1, 1774. SAMUEL, b. Sept. 21, 1760; who succeeded his fr. on the homestead. RACHEL, b. Oct. 6, 1763; m. Samuel Thayer, Dec. 9, 1784. ABIGAIL, b. July 30, 1765; m. Hachaliah Whitney, Jan. 29, 1786. EXPERIENCE, b. Dec. 1, 1767; m. Simeon Thayer, Nov. 2, 1788. SALLY, b. May 25, 1773; m. Samuel Hayward, Aug. 24, 1794.

The mr. d. Dec. 14, 1790. The fr. m., for 2d wf., Lydia Fairbanks of Douglas, March 20, 1791. He d. intestate, Sept. 23, 1813; and his est. was settled by his only son, Col. Samuel. Date of 2d wf.'s death not ascertained.

NELSON, JOSIAH5 (Nathaniel4, Gershom3, Thomas2, Thomas1), b. Aug. 16, 1732; m. Elizabeth Thayer of Bell., April 25, 1754; cer. by Rev. A. Frost. She was a dr. of Ebenezer and Mary (Wheelock) Thayer, b. July 5, 1735, N.S. They res., I infer, mostly away from the paternal homestead, though always in the municipal vicinity, for some yrs. in the immediate neighborhood of the "Salt Box," so called, and in their latter days on the Capt. Ezra Nelson place, so designated for the last half-century. He was an energetic, thrifty, influential citizen. They had a numerous family: viz.,—

HENRY, b. June 20, 1754; m., lived, and d. in Mil. STEPHEN, b. Dec. 12, 1755; m., lived, and d. in Mil. RUTH, b. Oct. 11, 1757; m. Nathan Cutler, Dec. 25, 1777. NATHANIEL, b. March 23, 1759; d. May 2, 1773. JOSIAH, Jun., b. Aug. 23, 1761; m. Anna Warren; lived and d. in Mil. PAUL, b. Sept. 3, 1763; m. Grace Wood, Upton, Dec. 23, 1786. DEBORAH, b. April 14, 1765; m. Jona. Jones, May 28, 1786. LEVI, b. Nov. 25, 1766; d. Jan. 23, 1770. ELIZABETH, b. Oct. 10, 1768; m. Daniel Davidson, Jan. 11, 1789. ESTHER, b. Sept. 16, 1770; m. Stephen Stephens; not traced. ARBA, b. April 14, 1772; m. Abigail Parkhurst, and set. in Craftsbury, Vt. HOPESTILL, b. Oct. 10, 1774; m. Amasa Parkhurst; lived and d. in Mil. EZRA, b. May 8, 1777; succeeded his fr. on his last homestead. ABIGAIL, b. Feb. 12, 1780; m. William E. Green, Feb. 2, 1803; d. May 7, 1804.

The mr. d. Oct. 29, 1806; the fr. d. Jan. 23, 1807,—within 3 mos. of each other. The fr. made a judicious will, wherein Ezra, his youngest son, was appointed executor. His sons Henry, Stephen, and Josiah, jun., had d. before him, leaving heirs to whom he bequeathed legacies. We see that his dr. Abigail Green was also dead; hence he omitted to name her, but instead remembered his gd. son Wm. Nelson Green, as her lineal representative. His est. was duly distributed according to testamentary prescription.

NELSON, SETH5 (Nathaniel4, Gershom3, Thomas2, Thomas1), b. June 22, 1735; m. Silence Cheney, Oct. 28, 1756; cer. by Rev. A. Frost. She was dr. of Ebenezer and Hannah (Bigelow) Cheney, and b. July 27, 1740. She was left an only orphan child by her father, who d. about the time of her birth. Her mr. afterwards became the wf. of our first Ichabod Thayer. Her fr. was a bro. of William Cheney, jun. Seth Nelson always res. on our territory; was a deacon of the ch., and a worthy citizen. His family homestead is understood to have been in the vicinity of Bungay,—perhaps the Partridge place, so called. His chn. were,—

EBENEZER, b. Feb. 1,1758; m. Patience Twitchell, March 8,1781; set. and d. in Me. NATHAN, b. Oct. 24, 1759; m. Jerusha Chapin, March 8,1781; set. and d. in Me. JOHN, b. Aug. 27, 1761; m. Betty Brown, Nov. 28, 1782; removed to Worcester. SILENCE (twin), b. Aug. 2, 1763. HANNAH (twin), b. Aug. 2, 1763; m. Asa Jones, Feb. 13, 1783. DAVID, b. July 28, 1765; m. Elizabeth Hunting, Jan. 10, 1788; set. New Gloucester, Me. ANNA, b. June 10, 1767; m. Ebenezer Cheney of Warwick, Feb. 17, 1785. OLIVE, b. April 14, 1770; d. Jan. 27, 1811; unm. SIMEON, b. April 26, 1772; m. Esther Parkhurst, Oct. 30, 1794; removed to Clinton, N.Y. MARY, b. June 8, 1774; m. Marvel Chapin, Nov. 25, 1790; d. Oct. 13, 1808. SETH, Jun., b. Aug. 2, 1776; res. Mil. a while; then set. in Amherst, Cortland Co., N.Y. LEVI, b. Aug. 8, 1779; became a clergyman; ordained and set. Lisbon, Ct.

Dea. Seth d. Sept. 10, 1811; and Silence, his wid., d. Dec. 8, 1815; both very highly esteemed in the ch. and throughout the town.

NELSON, NEHEMIAH5 (Nehemiah4, Gershom3, Thomas2, Thomas1), b. Aug. 27, 1758; m. Rhoda Wheelock of Mendon, Feb. 17, 1781; cer. by Rev. Joseph Willard. I have been baffled in my attempts to ascertain the res., experiences, and circumstances of this family. Their mges., homes, and deaths must be left untold by me. Their chn. were,—

PEARLEY, dr., b. May 13, 1781. PAUL, b. Feb. 17, 1783. HANNAH, b. March 13, 1785; d. July 16, 1815. CALVIN, b. Aug. 1, 1787; long ago left this town, but was living a few yrs. since. BETSEY, b. Dec. 12, 1789. RHODA, b. March 19, 1794. RUTH, b. Aug. 23, 1796. FELINDA, b. Jan. 3, 1798.

I suspect this family is nearly extinct, but may have got a wrong impression. Whoever is personally interested will do well to inquire into the matter, and ascertain the facts.


Generation 6

NELSON, Col. SAMUEL6 (Gershom5, Nathaniel4, Gershom3, Thomas2, Thomas1), b. at our now Hopedale Corner, Sept. 21, 1760; m., in the spring of 1783, Sally, dr. of Stephen and Elizabeth Torrey, who was b. Dec. 22, 1763. Their chn. were,—

NEWELL, b. March 20, 1784; long one of our eminently upright and useful citizens. AMELIA, b. July 18, 1786; m. Henry Wheelock, Feb. 23, 1806; d. Dec. 22, 1871. SAMUEL, Jun., b. Oct. 17, 1789; res. Hallowell, Me.; merchant. JOSEPH, b. Dec. 29, 1791; res. last in New York; d. March 5, 1854. STEPHEN TORREY, b. Oct. 31, 1796; d. Sept. 18, 1798. NATHANIEL TORREY, b. Nov. 15, 1799; res. Sutton and Mil.; he d. Sept. 14, 1840.

Col. Samuel Nelson res. in the Peter Cook house, so called, at Hopedale Corner, which was built by him. He was a Revolutionary soldier, and delighted in recounting his adventures in the army. It is told of him, that Capt. Samuel Warfield, one of his comrades, often had long talks with him about their warlike experiences; and that one night, when Warfield made him an evening call (both being lovers of good cheer), they enjoyed their reminiscences and exhilarations so well, that the morning sun actually arose upon them, much to their surprise, when they were ready to exchange good-byes. About the yr. 1802, he and his fr. constructed a horse-wagon, the first ever built in town; and he furnished the timber out of his nicest white-oak tree. He directed his son Newell, then about 18 yrs. old, to fell the tree, and be sure to cut a hole through the heart first, large enough to draw his jacket through, before weakening the outside too much; his object being to preserve the grain of the tree without fracture. Newell obeyed him to the letter, and handed down the incident to his chn. The col. was a thorough, precise, and determined man in the affairs of life, though perhaps not always wise and prudent. I infer from his record that he was a man of high spirit, keen sense of honor, and a very active citizen. Circumstances induced him, about the yr. 1816, to sell his Mil. farm, and purchase a handsome one in Sutton. He sold out here to Peter Cook 200 acres of land, and removed to bis new home. And there at length he d. Feb. 18, 1823. His est. was set. by his son Newell. His wid d. at her son Newell's, Dec. 29, 1852, in her 90th yr. They were of strong physical and mental constitution, and transmitted the like to their chn. They made their mark in society.

NELSON, HENRY6 (Josiah5, Nathaniel4, Gershom3, Thomas2, Thomas1), b. June 20, 1754; m. (bride's name, ptge., date of mge., etc., not ascertained, though anxiously sought). They had 1 son, at least,—

HENRY, Jun., b. date not found.

The fr. d. Sept. 18, 1805. The mr.'s d. date not found.

Henry Nelson, son of Josiah, was d. when his fr. made his will; for he left a legacy to his gd. son, the above-named Henry, jun.

NELSON, STEPHEN6 (Josiah5, Nathaniel4, Gershom3, Thomas2, Thomas1), b. Dec. 12, 1755; m. Anna Atwood, May 29, 1776; cer. by Rev. A. Frost. She was a dr. of Benjamin and Joanna (Cheney) Atwood, and b. Sept. 11, 1754. Their chn. were,—

NATHANIEL, date not found; LEVI, date not found; HALLOWELL, date not found; LUCINDA, date not found.

The fr. d. Oct. 22, 1793. The above-named chn. received legacies in their gd. fr.'s will; though he gives the gd. dr.'s name as Lucinda, instead of Rosalinda, given her at baptism.

NELSON, JOSIAH. Jun.6 (Josiah5 Nathaniel4 Gershom3 Thomas2 Thomas1), b. Aug. 23, 1761; m. Anna Warren, Feb. or March, 1786; cer. by whom not ascertained. She was a dr. of Samuel and Eunice (Corbett) Warren, and b. Jan. 22, 1767. Their chn. were,—

HENRY, b. Sept. 2, 1786; res. always in Mil., and long familiarly known as Capt. Harry. LUCINDA, b. Jan. 15, 1789; m. Phinehas Hubbard, Hop., April 21, 1813. JOHN, b. Sept. 8, 1790; studied medicine, and set. as phys. in Carlisle. BETSEY MELLEN, b. June 18, 1792; m. Caleb V. Allen, Mendon. MERCY JONES, b. April 21, 1794; m. Moses Littlefield, April 12, 1818. JULIANA, b. April 22, 1798; m. Ira Cheney, April 3, 1818. She d. 1867.

The fr. was a licensed innholder, at what is known as the Maj. Chapin place, from 1790 through several ensuing yrs. He d. Oct. 5, 1802. His wid. m. Abner Albee of Chesterfield, N.H., May 30, 1811. She survived him, and d. in Mil., March 25, 1837.

NELSON, PAUL6 (Josiah5, Nathaniel4, Gershom3, Thomas2, Thomas1), b. Sept. 3, 1763; maj. of militia; m. Grace Wood of Upton, dr. of Col. Ezra Wood; cer. Dec. 23, 1786, prob. by Rev. Elisha Fish, then Cong. pastor of Up. He spent most of his adult life as an innholder; first in West Up. several yrs., then in No. Providence, R.I., then in Bristol, R.I., about 5 yrs., and finally in Pawtucket 6 yrs., where he d. April 1, 1827. He was a popular landlord, and universally respected in all the relationships of life. His wid., Mrs. Grace, equally beloved and esteemed, d. March 13, 1838. Their elder chn. were b. in Up., the younger in subsequent residences. They were,—

DULCENA, b. April 13, 1788; m. Charles Tillinghast, Providence, R.I. DIANA, b. April 20, 1790; m. Matthias M. Monroe, Bristol, R.I. PAUL, b. July 13, 1792; d. in promising bloom, Cuba, W.I., yellow fever, 1813. RUTH, b. Oct. 6, 1794; d. in infancy, Oct. 15, 1797. RUTH, 2d, b. June 1, 1798; m. Peter Hunt; both d.; no chn. ANGELINA, b. Feb. 15, 1801; m. Joseph Tompkins, and had 2 chn. ELIZA A., b. June 8, 1803; d. unm., Oct. 17, 1826. HORATIO, b. Feb. 25, 1805; d. in infancy, Sept. 19, 1805. ABIGAIL GREEN, b. Nov. 25, 1807; m. Jonathan N. Spencer, Pawtucket, R.I. MATTHIAS, b. July 24, 1810; d. unm.; date not given.

The descendants of Maj. Paul and Grace (Wood) Nelson are wholly through their drs. Dulcena was bereft of her hus. 2 yrs. after mge., by whom she had a dr. Anna. Anna Tillinghast m. John Tompkins, manufacturer, Newburg, N.Y., and by him had 3 chn.; viz., Eliza N., who m. William N. Rodman, some time mayor of Providence, R.I; no chn.; both d.; Gen. Charles H. Tompkins, Staten Island, N.Y.; and John A. Tompkins, now of Baltimore, Md. Their fr. was accidentally killed by a misstep in landing from a steamboat. Their mr. m., 2d, A. D. Lippett, and has since d. The venerable Dulcena (Nelson) Tillinghast was still living 1879, only survivor of her fr.'s family. Diana Nelson, the second dr., m. Rev. Matthias Monroe, Bristol, R.I., an Episcopal clergyman, and had 3 chn., whose record is briefly told as follows: Diana m. Willis G. Eaton, machinist, Lowell; 4 chn. Anna L. m. George B. Allen, Lowell, organist; Dr. Willis G. Eaton res. Lowell; Harriet H.; Matthias M. res. Taunton. Grace Wood m. Gilbert Richmond; 1 child; family all d. William M. m. a Miss Noyes of Poland, Me., and had 4 chn. The 2d dr. m. a Mr. Hathaway of Boston; Daniel is a clerk in Boston; Rachel d. young; their fr. was lost at sea.

Angelina, 6th child of Paul Nelson, m. Joseph Tompkins, and had 2 chn.; viz., Susan G. and Angelina N. The latter m. Tbeodore Horton; no chn.; both have passed away.

Abigail G., 9th child, m. Jonathan N. Spencer of Pawtucket, and had 1 dr., Abigail N. She m. Jerome Kimball, lawyer, Providence, R.I., and had 2 chn., Helen E. and Arthur L., who res. with their parents.

I have followed out the descendants of Maj. Paul and Grace (Wood) Nelson much further than my general rule allows, out of respect to the great pains taken by certain relatives to procure me information.

NELSON, ARBA6 (Josiah5, Nathaniel4, Gershom3, Thomas2 Thomas1), b. April 14, 1772; m. Abigail Parkhurst, Oct. 2, 1791; cer. by Rev. A. Frost. She was a dr. of Nathaniel and Sarah (Brown) Parkhurst, and b. May 9, 1774. They removed to Craftsbury, Vt., and afterwards into one of the Western States. Mrs. Abigail is said to have had 7 chn., and to have lived to the age of 92 yrs. I have not attempted to trace the family record. Arba, a son or gd. son, some yrs. since, m. Mrs. Charlotte H. Rand, youngest dr. of our Capt. Henry Nelson.

NELSON, Capt. EZRA6 (Josiah5, Nathaniel4, Gershom3, Thomas2, Thomas1), b. May 8, 1777; m. Polly Parkhurst, May 22, 1800; cer. by Samuel Jones, Esq. She was a dr. of Nathaniel and Sarah (Brown) Parkhurst, and b. Feb. 25, 1776. Their chn. were,—

WILLIAM, b. April 19, 1802; d. Oct. 18, 1803. NATHANIEL PARKHURST, b. Aug. 25, 1804; d. April 20, 1809. CAROLINE, b. May 10, 1807; d. March 7, 1833. JAMES MADISON, b. Nov. 24, 1809; removed to Grand Rapids, Mich.; m. and set. there. GEORGE CLINTON, b. March 24, 1812; removed to Grand Rapids, Mich.; m. and set. there. MARY MARILLA (twin), b. April 17, 1815; m. A. Hosford Smith, G. Rapids, Mich., 1839. MARTHA MURTILLA (twin), b. April 17, 1815; d. yrs. ago. POLLY DIANA, b. Jan. 28, 1818; m. Rev. W. R. G. Mellen. EZRA THAYER, b. May 9, 1823; m. Augusta M. Valentine of Hop.; set. G. Rapids, Mich.

Capt. Ezra was the youngest son of his fr., and dwelt with his parents in their declining yrs. The homestead was bought by his fr. of Ebenezer Torrey in 1784, and remained in family possession during the lifetime of Ezra. Its location on the road to Upton, now called West St., is well known to the present generation as the Capt. Ezra Nelson place, though it has had several owners since his death. In 1801 Josiah, the fr., deeded to Ezra, mainly as a gift, one full third of this homestead, and it is presumable that the latter afterwards purchased most of the other two-thirds. He was captain of the once famous Mil. Artillery Co. in his time, honored with various official trusts by his fellow-townsmen, and universally respected as a worthy man. His wf. d. March 19, 1827; and he, Oct. 19, 1835. His posterity now surviving are wholly settled in distant parts of the country. Not one of them dwells in Mil. See farther on.

NELSON, EBENEZER6 (Seth5, Nathaniel4, Gershom3, Thomas2, Thomas1), b. Feb. 1, 1758; m. Patience Twitchell, March 8, 1781; cer. by Rev. A. Frost. She was a dr. of Ephraim and Patience Twitchell, and bap. July 2, 1758. I have not found a record of her birth. No chn. are recorded to this pair as either b. or bap. here. I am told that they emigrated to wild land near Paris, Me., where both d. of consumption, and also their only child.

NELSON, NATHAN6 (Seth5, Nathaniel4, Gershom3, Thomas2, Thomas1), b. Oct. 24, 1759; m. Jerusha Chapin, March 8, 1781, the same day that his bro. Ebenezer was; cer. by Rev. A. Frost. She was a dr. of Moses and Lydia (Atwood) Chapin, and was b. 1760. I find no record of chn. b. to them. They are said to have emigrated to Hebron, Me. No further traced. A Dr. Tewksbury of Portland, Me., is said to be their gd. son.

NELSON, JOHN6 (Seth5, Nathaniel4, Gershom3, Thomas2, Thomas1), b. Aug. 27, 1761; m. Betty Brown, Nov. 28, 1782; cer. by Rev. A. Frost. She was a dr. of Israel and Experience (Thayer) Brown, but I have not found the date of her birth. No record of chn. here. If I have been correctly informed, John set. in Worcester, where he became a deacon, and the fr. of several chn. Among these was Rev. John Nelson, long an eminent preacher and pastor in Leicester.

NELSON, DAVID6 (Seth5, Nathaniel4, Gershom3, Thomas2, Thomas1), b. July 28, 1765; m. Elizabeth Hunting, Jan. 10, 1788; cer. by Rev. A. Frost. No chn. recorded here. Reported to have set. in New Gloucester, Me., where he became a Baptist deacon and prominent citizen. He, his wf., and a dr. 4 yrs. old, once visited Mil., riding horseback all the way, 150 miles.

NELSON, SIMEON6 (Seth5, Nathaniel4, Gershom3, Thomas2, Thomas1), b. April 26, 1772; m. Esther Parkhurst, Oct. 30, 1794; cer. by Samuel Jones, Esq. She was a dr. of Ephraim and Jemima Parkhurst, b. Feb. 5, 1774. Their chn. were,—

AUSTIN, b. Jan. 19, 1796. HARRIOT, b. Jan. 20, 1798; d. Sept. 12, 1799. HARRIOT, b. Oct. 29, 1800; d. March 22, 1807. LUCY, b. April 24, 1803. PASCHAL, b. May 27, 1805; drowned May 29, 1810. MARY ANN, b. April 29, 1811.

It appears from the ch. records, under Rev. David Long's pastorate, that Mr. Nelson and wf. had removed to Clinton, N.Y., and were recommended to the ch. there, Feb. 25, 1816. Twice m.; all d.

NELSON, SETH, Jun.6 (Seth5, Nathaniel4, Gershom3, Thomas2, Thomas1), b. Aug. 2, 1776; m. Sarah Jones of Farmington, Me., March 8, 1802; her birthdate and ptge. not ascertained. This was his 1st wf. Their chn. were,—

ELIZABETH SARAH, b. April 10, 1803; m. Dr. John Payne, Montague, March 23, 1826. EBENEZER JONES, b. Jan. 12, 1805; m., 1st, Charity Dunbar; 2d, Emeline Knapp; both d. ABIGAIL TYLER, b. March 10, 1807; d. March 2, 1808.

The mr. d. Dec. 2, 1808. The fr. m., as 2d wf., Sophia Aspinwall of Lisbon, Ct., some time in the month of Oct., 1810; her birth-date and ptge. not ascertained. Their chn. were,—

ABIGAIL SOPHIA, b. Aug. 29, 1811; m. Wilton A. Kinney, June 9, 1840; since d.; no chn. HANNAH URANIA, b. Jan. 25, 1813; d. Nov. 25, 1877. SETH BUELL (twin), b. April 22, 1815; m. Jane Graham. He was a physician. LEVI HALE (twin), b. April 22, 1815; m. Emily Dorman; res. So. Boston, Mich. FANNY MELISSA CLARK, b. Oct. 17, 1817; m. Rev. Silas McKinney; missionaries to Africa. HENRY ADDISON, b. Oct. 31, 1820; m. Margaret Mills, Auburn, N.Y., Feb. 23, 1847. DAVID BRAINERD, b. May 12, 1823; m. Jane Baird, Newark Valley, Dec. 28, 1848. SAMUEL WORCESTER, twin with D. Brainerd; m. Amanda Griffin, July, 1849. WILLIAM TRACY, b. Feb. 1, 1826; d. March 16, 1829.

The family homestead, before removal from town, is understood to have been what has since been known as the John Parkhurst place, near Silver Hill. Mr. Nelson was chosen deacon of the Cong. ch. here, Oct. 7, 1813, and officiated as such until he moved with his family to Amherst. The ch. here voted him and his wf. recommendations to the ch. in Amherst, April 7, 1816. Subsequently he moved to Cortland, N.Y. There he became deacon of the Presbyterian ch., was a man of much influence, and lived out the remainder of his days, enjoying high respectability. He d. Feb. 5, 1857; his 2d wf. d. May 5, 1860.

I am indebted to Miss Emily A. Nelson, an intelligent gd. dr. of Dea. Seth Nelson, jun., for valuable information concerning his bros., himself, and his posterity. She res. in Elmira, N.Y.; and our correspondence was accidentally introduced by inquiries sent to one of our citizens about her ancestors, who referred the matter to me. I may, therefore, as well give in this place the data she sent me relating to the family descendants.

1. Dea. Seth, Jun.'s, dr., ELIZABETH SARAH, m. Dr. John Payne, Montague, March 23, 1826. He d. 1873, in Janesville, Wis. She has been quite an authoress, and now lives with her son in Lima, N.Y. Their chn.:—

MARY LOUISA, b. Feb. 17, 1827; d. March 16, 1873. CHARLES HOWARD, b. April 15, 1830; m. Eunice Preston, July 11, 1872; res. Janesville, Wis. SARAH SOPHIA, b. March 21, 1832; m. James Wiggins, Jan. 6, 1853; res. Whiting, Kan.; several chn. WILLIAM HENRY, b. March 14, 1834; m. Mary C. Albee, Feb. 21, 1870; res. Sandwich, Ill. Inventor. ANN AMELIA, b. Aug. 6, 1838; d. Feb. 14, 1848. HENRY NELSON, b. Nov. 4, 1840; m. Elizabeth Porter, Sept. 7, 1872; 3 chn. He was lieut.-col. in a Missouri regt. during the late war, and is now pastor of the Presbyterian ch., Lima, N.Y.

2. EBENEZER JONES NELSON; m., 1st, Charity Dunbar, date not given; and 2d, Emeline Knapp, Dec. 16, 1851. Two chn. by 1st wf.; none by 2d.

BRAINERD, date of birth not given; m. Mary S. Horton. FANNIE ELIZABETH, b. Oct., 1846; d. Nov., 1846.

Mrs. Charity, the 1st wf., d. April 1, 1849; Mrs. Emeline, the 2d, d. April, 1878. The hus. and fr. now lives with his son in Oswego, N.Y.

3. Dea. Seth, Jun.'s, dr., ABIGAIL TYLER, as seen above, d. in infancy.

4. His next child, ABIGAIL SOPHIA, m. Wilton A. Kinney, June 9, 1840. No chn. He d. 1860; and she lives in So. Boston, Mich.

5. His next child, HANNAH URANIA, lived unm., and d. Nov. 25, 1877.

6. SETH BUELL NELSON; m. Jane Grey Graham, Aug. 16, 1837. He was an allopathic physician. He d. March 25, 1852; she Jan. 16, 1876. Their chn.:—

LEVI BUELL, b. May 4, 1838; m. Eliza Hendry, Oct. 20, 1866; 5 chn.; cashier Savings Bank, Toledo, Ia. SOPHIA JANE, b. May 2, 1841; m. George R. Struble, Esq., April 19, 1860; 5 chn.; Toledo, Ia. WILLIAM, b. July 17, 1847; d. 1848. JOHN ROSE, b. April, 1850; d. Oct., 1850.

7. LEVI HALE NELSON; m. Emily Dorman of So. Coventry, Ct., date not given. They res. So. Boston, Mich.; farmer; deacon Presbyterian ch.; found the place a forest, and left it a beautiful home; d. rich, Oct. 13, 1873. Chn.—

WILLIAM E., b. June 17, 1848; res. So. Boston, Mich. SETH BUELL, b. Jan. 9, 1851; res. So. Boston, Mich. JOSEPH HENRY, b. March 19, 1855; m. Marcia Carver, June, 1878; res. So. Boston, Mich.

8. FANNY MELISSA CLARK NELSON; m. Rev. Silas McKinney, Feb. 24, 1847. Chn.:—

CHARLES EDWARD, b. March 25, 1848; m. Ida George of Vineland, N.J.; res. Lynn, Mass.; 2 chn. HENRY NELSON, b. Dec. 8, 1850; m. Lydia Cannard; res. Philadelphia; 3 chn. ELLEN LOUISE, b. Nov. 4, 1853; one of the faculty Oxford Sem., O. FANNIE ELIZABETH, b. Aug. 4, 1859. MARY URANIA, b. and d. March 25, 1861.

These devoted parents went as missionaries to So. Africa; and, after 12 yrs., the wf. d. there, in Natal, Nov. 26, 1861. The hus. is now pastor of the Presbyterian ch. at Tuscarora, N.Y.

9. HENRY ADDISON NELSON, m. Margaret Mills of Auburn, N.Y., Feb. 23, 1847. During the civil war he was pastor of the 1st Pres. ch. in St. Louis, Mo. He is now pastor of the 1st Pres. ch., Genesee, N.Y., and bears the title D.D. His wf. d. in Sept., 1878. Their chn.:—

EDWIN MILLS, b. Nov. 18, 1847; physician, St. Louis, Mo. HELEN MARIA, b. June 29, 1849; m. Rev. Henry Bullard, St. Joseph, Mo., Aug. 30, 1871; 3 chn. FANNY URANIA, b. Oct. 18, 1851. FRED STAR, b. July 23, 1853; d. 1854. MARY SOPHIA, b. March 3, 1855. ELIZABETH MILLS, b. March 19, 1857; member of the Faculty of Oxford Sem., O. WILLIAM SHEDD, b. Jan. 25, 1860.

10. DAVID BRAINERD NELSON, m. Jane C. Baird of Newark Valley, N.Y., Dec. 28, 1848; both understood to be living, and, for some years past, in Elmira, N.Y. He was for many years a teacher; since an inventor of useful agricultural implements. Formerly a dea. in the Pres. ch., but latterly one in the Cong. ch. Their chn.:—

FANNY JANE, b. Aug. 18, 1850; d. same day. EMILY ALMIRA, b. June 23, 1852; preceptress of Nat. Science, Elmira High School. This is my intelligent correspondent, before referred to.

11. SAMUEL WORCESTER NELSON, m. Amanda Griffin of Richford, N.Y., July, 1849. He was a merchant, and dea. of the Pres. ch., in Hosford, N.Y., where he d. April 4, 1871. I suppose his wf. still survives. Their chn.:—

FRANCES AMANDA, b. April 3, 1851; d. April, 1866. FRANKLIN, b. and d., no date given. CHARLES WORCESTER, b. Sept. 2, 1855; supt. telegraph and train despatches on the Southern Central R.R.; res. Auburn, N.Y.

12. WILLIAM TRACY NELSON, d., as aforesaid, in infancy.

There were 75 descendants of Dea. Seth Nelson, jun., in 1879. Of these, all but one or two of those who have arrived at adult years are regular members of orthodox churches. It is said that there is not one among them of intemperate or vicious habits. Most of them are evidently of more than ordinary intellectual standing; and, as to aptitude for deaconship, it would be hard to find their parallel in any of our lineages. In this case I have again transcended my general limitations by carrying my genealogical specifications abroad. And I have done so for the same reasons as in Paul Nelson's case. Such expansions may seem to aggravate the size of this volume, but perhaps a few of them may not detract from its value.

NELSON, Rev. LEVI6 (Seth5, Nathaniel4, Gershom3, Thomas2, Thomas1), b. Aug. 8, 1779; youngest son of the 1st Dea. Seth; sought a liberal education, partly in B. U. and partly in Williams Col., but was prevented by ill health from ever graduating. Converted in 1795 while preparing for col., and resolved to devote himself to the ministry; he was much frustrated by continuous poor health, but studied divinity with Dr. Emmons of Franklin, and was finally approbated. In 1803 he was commissioned by the Mass. Miss. Society, to labor six months in Oneida and Lewis Co's., N.Y., but was unable to preach more than sixteen weeks. He preached afterwards two months in Tewksbury, and then in Lisbon, Ct. There he gave such satisfaction that he recd. a call to set., and was ordained pastor Dec. 5, 1804. He was a member of the Cong. ch. here, and evidently a favorite; for they gave him a hearty recommendation to the Lisbon people, and sent two delegates with their pastor, Rev. Mr. Long, to assist in his ordination. He m., 1st, Abigail Tyler of Mendon; cer. April 17, 1805, by Rev. David Long. She d. 1806, leaving an infant dr., whose name I have not ascertained. That dr. lived to be m., Jan., 1826, but d. the June following. Rev. Levi m., 2d, Mary Hale of Franklin, Ct., dr. of Joseph Hale, Coventry, Ct. She d. childless, May 2, 1851. So Rev. Levi left no posterity. He d. in Lisbon, Ct., 1855, a. 77 yrs., and in the 52d yr. of his ministry. He is said to have preached 5,700 different sermons, several of which were published, besides other productions of his pen. He was a stanch old-school theologian, and bequeathed $1,000 to his parish on condition that they should not set. as his successor a man embracing the "New Haven Theology."


Generation 7

NELSON, NEWELL, Esq.7 (Samuel6, Gershom5, Nathaniel4, Gershom3, Thomas2, Thomas1), b. March 20, 1784; m. Betsey Kelley, dr. of Luke and Hannah (Drusey) Kelley, b. April 18, 1786; cer., and by whom, not found. Intention of m. dated March 8, 1806. Their chn.:—

FRANCIS DRAKE, b. Dec. 15, 1806; m. Lydia T. Pond; d. Colesburg, Ia., June 4, 1849. ELIZA WING, b. July 4, 1808; d. unm., Aug. 6, 1835. SALLY TORREY, b. June 5, 1810; m. Willis Graves, April 20, 1836; d. Nov. 28, 1841. OTIS TORREY, b. Sept. 15, 1812; well-known fellow-citizen; always res. Mil. SYLVANIA KELLEY, b. Sept. 13, 1815; m. Rufus Claflin, Oct. 7, 1849. SAMUEL, b. Jan. 3, 1818; has res. little in town since manhood. DAVID, b. Nov. 21, 1819; our well-known citizen on his fr's. homestead. HANNAH, b. July 5, 1822; d. Oct. 1, 1844. NEWELL NEWTON, b. July 25, 1825; also our well-known citizen on the homestead.

A worthy family, parents and chn. Newell Nelson, Esq., deserves an honorable eulogy. He was a man of sterling natural ability and moral integrity. He was a stanch lover of truth, justice, human rights, and the public welfare. He was sagacious to learn what he needed to know, resolute to put it in practice, and firm to maintain his convictions of right: a man of exemplary uprightness, sound judgment, and solid usefulness. He struggled manfully against considerable disadvantages, rose by merit to the respectful appreciation of his fellow-citizens, and proved himself eminently trustworthy in all the relations of life. As a land-surveyor, a settler of estates, a referee in controversies, and a responsible municipal officer, he long commanded public confidence throughout this general vicinity. He was commissioned justice of the peace, Jan. 30, 1830, by Gov. Levi Lincoln, and creditably discharged the duties of that office for twenty-one years. He was, however, a man of little pretension, and averse to all ostentatious display; a plain, homespun, frugal, economical husbandman — not ashamed to earn his bread by the sweat of his brow — who wanted his own rights and dues, and was scrupulous to render to others theirs. His deafness during declining life was a great privation, which he deeply felt, but bore with commendable patience. He lived to the good old age of almost 85 yrs. He sunk at length under the complicated infirmities of age, and d. Jan. 26, 1869. His worthy companion had preceded him by seven yrs., having d. Jan. 9, 1862. Let not this memorial notice be construed to the disparagement, in the writer's mind, of other excellent citizens less known to him, of whom he has thought proper to say little or nothing.

NELSON, SAMUEL, Jun.7 (Samuel6, Gershom5, Nathaniel4, Gershom3, Thomas2, Thomas1), b. Oct. 17, 1789; m. Cynthia Aldrich, Dec. 6, 1812; cer. by Rev. D. Long. She was a dr. of George Aldrich, Mendon; other particulars not traced. I understand him to have set. in Hallowell, Me., as a merchant, afterwards in Portland, to have had several chn., and finally, to have d. a few yrs. since in Galveston, Tex. Family no further traced.

NELSON, JOSEPH7 (Samuel6, Gershom5, Nathaniel4, Gershom3, Thomas2, Thomas1), b. Dec. 29, 1791; m. Lydia Hayward of Upton. They removed to New York City, where they had two sons and four drs. Not traced. He d. March 5, 1854.

NELSON, NATHANIEL TORREY7 (Samuel6, Gershom5, Nathaniel4, Gershom3, Thomas2, Thomas1), b. Nov. 15, 1799; m. Silence Kenny of Sutton. Bride's parentage, birth-date, and other particulars of marriage, not ascertained. Their chn. were,—

ADELIA, b. Oct. 13, 1824, in New York City; m. Ezekiel Taylor. ELIZA, b. April 23, 1826; m. George Fox, May 9, 1847. ANGELINA, b. March 16, 1829; m., 1st, Jona. C. Bradford, Dec. 25, 1855; 2d, Charles P. Skillings. MARIA, b. June 10, 1832; d. March 21, 1838. GEORGE HENRY, b. Dec. 1, 1833; res. in Holl. CHARLES NEWELL, b. April 29, 1836; m. Mary Ellen Wales, Dec. 25, 1872; res. Mil. Two infants, unnamed on record, d., one April 20, 1839, the other dateless.

Honest, industrious people. The fr. d. Sept. 13, 1840. The mr., April 9, 1859. They res. in Sutton, New York, and Mil., but mostly here.

NELSON, HENRY, Jun.7 (Henry6, Josiah5, Nathaniel4, Gershom3, Thomas2, Thomas1); records blind and meagre; birth not found, and of marriage, only wf's. name Sarah. Two chn. are found:—

SAMUEL, b. May 7, 1811; what became of him not ascertained. CLARISSA, b. Dec. 4, 1812; nothing ascertained.

NELSON, LEVI7 (Stephen6, Josiah5, Nathaniel4, Gershom3, Thomas2, Thomas1), birth-date not found; m. Sarah Park, Sept. 21, 1806; cer. by Rev. D. Long. Parentage and birth-date not ascertained. Their chn. were,—

STEPHEN ATWOOD, b. March 22, 1807; understood to have d. in our Asylum. HOLLOWAY TAYLOR, b. Dec. 9, 1808; believed to have d. some yrs. ago.

The fr. d., date not found; and the mr. d. Dec. 27, 1834. An undesirable fortune seems to have overhung this family.

NELSON, CAPT. HENRY7 (Josiah, jun.6, Josiah5, Nathaniel4, Gershom3, Thomas2, Thomas1), b. Sept. 2, 1786; adopted, as his heir, by Samuel Jones, Esq.; m. Catherine Parkhurst, Jan. 17, 1810; cer. by Samuel Jones, Esq. She was a dr. of Nathaniel and Sarah (Brown) Parkhurst, b. Aug. 19, 1789. Their chn.:—

WARREN J., b. Nov. 25, 1810; went West, and d. many years ago. MARIA, b. Feb. 21, 1813; m. Oliver B. Parkhurst, Mil., May 12, 1833. CATHERINE, b. Oct. 17, 1815; d. April 26, 1818. NANCY PARKHURST, b. Feb. 15, 1818; m. Samuel Frink, jun., 1840. ANGELINA PARKHURST, b. Dec. 4, 1821; m. Daniel S. Chapin, Mil., April 13, 1842. CATHERINE, b. Aug. 21, 1824. CHARLOTTE HELEN, b. Aug. 15, 1827; m., 1st, Rev. L. P. Rand, Orono, Me., 1847; 2d, Arba Nelson.

Capt. Harry Nelson, familiarly so called, was first set. on the Esq. Jones homestead in N. Purchase, where, I think, all his chn. were b. He had the honor, in his prime, of commanding the Mil. Artillery Co., was elected first and last to various responsible town offices, and, through a long life, was a much respected citizen. He and his worthy wife lived to celebrate their golden wedding in 1860,—an interesting occasion, which I well remember as a guest. He sold his N. Purchase homestead, moved into the Centre, and was for a time landlord of the Sumner Hotel. Later he established himself and family in a home on the lower common, where he spent the evening of his days. His wf. d., date not given; and he, July 22, 1874, in his 88th yr.

NELSON, Dr. JOHN7 (Josiah, jun.6, Josiah5, Nathaniel4, Gershom3, Thomas2, Thomas1), b. Sept. 8, 1790; studied medicine, and became a successful practising physician, settling as such in Carlisle. He m. Lucinda Parkhurst of his native town, July 6, 1812; cer. by Samuel Jones, Esq. She was a dr. of Jonas and Mary (Nelson) Parkhurst, and b., as our records have it, Dec. 20, 1780. Their only offspring recorded here was,—

ALBERT HOBART, b. March 12, 1812; who rose to distinction in Middlesex Co. as lawyer and judge, and later to be chief justice of Suffolk Co. Superior Court.

NELSON, JAMES MADISON7 (Ezra6, Josiah5, Nathaniel4, Gershom3, Thomas2, Thomas1), b. Nov. 24, 1809; went West, 1836, and set. Grand Rapids, Mich.; m. Abba Gray Bridge, dr. of John and Sarah (Stearns) Bridge, b. Boston, May, 1810; cer. in Trinity Ch., Boston, June, 1839, by Rev. Bishop Clark of R.I. He is a large manufacturer of furniture, an enterprising business man, an influential citizen, and of very respectable social standing. Their chn.:—

SARAH STEARNS, b. 1840; m. Stephen H. Ballard, Sept. 24, 1867. ABBIE REBECCA, b. 1843; m. Rev. M. P. Jones, Philadelphia, Pa. CAROLINE BRIDGE, b. 1846; m. Charles W. Wright, June 28, 1870. CHARLOTTE GRAY, b. Sept. 13, 1849.

Sarah S. and Stephen H. Ballard of Grand Rapids have had b. to them,—

ANNA MARGARETTA, b. July 5, 1867. CAROLINE NELSON, b. March 16, 1871. CHARLOTTE EMELINE, b. Feb. 20, 1874.

The chn. of Abbie R. and Rev. M. P. Jones are, JAMES MARSTON NELSON, b. Feb. 18, 1869, and MARTIMAN BRIDGE NELSON, b. March 1, 1870.

NELSON, GEORGE CLINTON7 (Ezra6, Josiah5, Nathaniel4, Gershom3, Thomas2, Thomas1), b. March 24, 1812; went West 1836, and set. Grand Rapids, Mich.; m. Mary Elizabeth Taylor, b. Rochester, N.Y., May 12, 1818; her parentage not given, nor date of mge. Their chn.:—

GEORGE KENT, b. July 1, 1842; m. Henrietta Porter Thompson, Sept. 20, 1876. JAMES FRANCIS, b. Dec. 13, 1847; m. Julia Adel Boardman, Oct. 17, 1872.

These last are the parents of one child,—James Kent, who was b. Aug. 7, 1874. These families, elder and younger, are understood to be enterprising in business, and of eminently good standing in their vicinage.

NELSON, MARY MURILLA7 (Ezra6, Josiah5, Nathaniel4, Gershom3, Thomas2, Thomas1), b. Mil., with a twin-sister, April 17, 1815; went West with her bros., and m. at Grand Rapids, Mich., A. Hosford Smith; cer. April 2, 1839. Their chn.:—

WALTER D., b. April 20, 1842. MARTHA NELSON, b. Aug. 11, 1844; m. Robert Baylies, Nov. 28, 1865. MARY ELIZABETH, b. April 24, 1846; m. John B. White, Nov. 1, 1866. FREDERICK, b. Aug. 24, 1848.

The chn. of Martha Nelson and Robert Baylies, b. Englewood, N.J., are,—

ROBERT NELSON, b. March 16, 1867. CHESTER, b. Oct. 9, 1870. ELLA HOSFORD, b. Jan. 31, 1872. WILLIAM, b. Oct. 11, 1874.

Mary Elizabeth Smith and John B. White have had, at G. Rapids,—

MINNIE CHAMBERLAIN, b. Dec. 3, 1867.

I have inserted Mary M. (Nelson) Smith's family record in this place because kindly furnished with the same, and I wished to preserve it.

NELSON, EZRA THAYER7 (Ezra6, Josiah5, Nathaniel4, Gershom3, Thomas2, Thomas1), b. Mil., May 9, 1823; went West with his older bros. about 1836 or 1837; m. Augusta Maria Valentine of Hopkinton, b. Oct. 31, 1824; cer. Oct. 9, 1848; further particulars not given. He is in successful business in the same firm of fine furniture manufacturers with James M. Nelson, at Grand Rapids, Mich., where the following named chn. were born:—

ANNE VALENTINE, b. Aug. 3, 1849; m. Charles M. McLaren, Dec. 15, 1874. ISABEL AUGUSTA, b. May 7, 1854; m. Frederick R. Blount, Feb. 21, 1878. ELIZARETH GOOCH, b. Feb. 28, 1855; d. Sept. 2, 1855. LOUISE MAUD, b. Jan. 18, 1860.

Anne V. (Nelson) McLaren and her husband have become the parents of one dr., LOUISE, b. in Grand Rapids, Oct. 7, 1875.


Generation 8

NELSON, FRANCIS DRAKE8 (Newell7, Samuel6, Gershom5, Nathaniel4, Gershom3, Thomas2, Thomas1), b. Dec. 15, 1806; m. Lydia Thurber Pond, April 5, 1832; cer. by the writer. She was the dr. of Barzillai and Lydia (Wheelock) Pond, and b. in Mil., Oct. 30, 1809. Issue:—

DANIEL THURBER, b. Sept. 16, 1839; grad. Am. Col., 1861; now M.D., Chicago, Ill.

The fr. d. June 4, 1849, in Colesburg, Ia. His worthy wid., Mrs. Lydia, still survives, and has a good home with her son, Dr. Daniel T. Nelson, Chicago, Ill.

NELSON, OTIS TORREY8 (Newell7, Samuel6, Gershom5, Nathaniel4, Gershom3, Thomas2, Thomas1), b. Sept. 15, 1812; m., 1st, Laura Maria Chapin, May 3, 1838; cer. by Rev. D. Long. She was a dr. of Amos and Harriot (Stowell) Chapin of Mil., and b. Nov. 27, 1812. Their chn.:—

HENRY EDWIN, b. May 3, 1839; d. Dec. 24, 1858, much lamented. MARY ELIZA, b. June 23, 1841; m. Charles D. Brown.

The mr. d. Aug. 23, 1844, much beloved and lamented. He m., 2d, Hannah Harkness Taft of Mendon, Feb. 25, 1846; cer. by the writer. She was a dr. of Thomas and Mercy (Harkness) Taft, and b. June 4, 1824. Their chn.:—

ELLEN MARIA, b. June 19, 1847; m. Stephen Alonzo Cook, Jan. 24, 1872. ELIZABETH, b. Feb. 11, 1849; m. William Augustus White, Oct. 2, 1871. LOUISA KELLY, b. Dec. 27, 1854; d. Dec. 18, 1873. ANNA FRANCES, b. Nov. 6, 1856. HENRIETTA E., b. May 1, 1861. THOMAS OTIS, b. Jan. 30, 1864.

Mr. Nelson res. on a part of what was the Dea. Amos Chapin place, anciently the Joshua Chapin place. He has dwelt on his premises 34 yrs. He is a substantial and respected citizen. Both his wives and all his children have done honor to their worthy ancestry.

NELSON, SAMUEL8 (Newell7, Samuel6, Gershom5, Nathaniel4, Gershom3, Thomas2, Thomas1), b. Jan. 3, 1818; m., 1st, Lavinia Smith Thayer, dr. of Otis and Mercy (Paine) Thayer, b. Mendon, Jan., 1818; cer. Mendon, Thanksgiving Day, Nov., 1840, by Benjamin Davenport, Esq. Their chn.:—

SARAH ELIZA, b. Mendon, Jan. 27, 1841; m. Theophilus Doggett; he d. in the war. She d. Boston, July 26, 1881. LAVINIA THAYER, b. Mendon, Oct. 16, 1843; m. Melbourne A. Vant, Jan. 28, 1862. HANNAH MARIA, b. Blackstone, Feb. 22, 1848; d. Jan. 24, 1876. ALICE AMELIA, b. Blackstone, Sept., 1852; d. July 22, 1859.

Having been legally separated from Mrs. Lavinia, the hus. m., 2d, Julia Warner; parentage, birth-place, birth-date, mge.-date, etc., not ascertained. No chn. Res. in Detroit, Mich., where, I hear, they are in prosperous circumstances.

NELSON, DAVID8 (Newell7, Samuel6, Gershom5, Nathaniel4, Gershom3, Thomas2, Thomas1), b. Nov. 21, 1819; m. Charlotte Louisa Travis, dr. of Clark and Ede G. (Bacon) Travis, b. Roxbury, Sept. 1, 1826; cer. Holl., April 15, 1850, by Rev. J. T. Tucker. Their chn.:—

CALLIE LOUISA, b. Holl., Oct. 18, 1857; m. Herbert A. Hixon, Dec. 6, 1881. HENRY DAVID, b. Holl., Sept. 29, 1861; entered H. University, autumn, 1880.

An excellent and highly respected family. The parents occupy the paternal homestead in unison with Newell N. and his family. They exemplify together good husbandry, good citizenship, and an upright life.

NELSON, NEWELL NEWTON8 (Newell7, Samuel6, Gershom5, Nathaniel4, Gershom3, Thomas2, Thomas1), b. July 25, 1825; m. Harriet Newell Johnson, dr. of Samuel and Lucy Johnson, b. Cornish, N.H., Jan. 25, 1828; cer. in Windsor, Vt., May 24, 1852, by Rev. Franklin Butler. Issue, 1 son:—

SAMUEL NEWELL, b. Mil., May 19, 1856; grad. from H. U., 1878; and from Harvard Med. School, 1881.

An estimable family of many virtues, this only son one of bright promise.

NELSON, CHARLES NEWELL8 (Nathaniel T.7, Samuel6, Gershom5, Nathaniel4, Gershom3, Thomas2, Thomas1), b. April 29, 1836; mr.'s maiden name, Silence Kenny; m. Mary Ellen Wales, dr. of Wainwright and Emily (Pierce) Wales, b. Braggville, May 6, 1845; cer. in Hopedale, Dec. 25, 1872, by the writer. Issue:—

EFFIE ADELIA, b. Mil., Feb. 15, 1876. GRACE LURENE, b. Mil., March 29, 1878.

Mr. Nelson informs me that Effie Adelia is the dr. of his bro. George H. Nelson. His wf. d. when Effie was a babe; and he gave the motherless one to Charles N. and Mary Ellen Nelson, who have fostered and loved her as their own. They are worthy, kind-hearted people. Mr. Nelson is an industrious bootmaker and orderly citizen, who has res. in Mil. over 45 yrs. He says his bro. George H. res. in Holl., but I have received no report of his family record.


Generation 9

NELSON, DANIEL THURBER, M.D.9 (Francis Drake8, Newell7, Samuel6, Gershom5, Nathaniel4, Gershom3, Thomas2, Thomas1), b. in Mil , Sept. 16, 1839; great-nephew, on the maternal side, of the celebrated Dr. Daniel Thurber; grad. from Amherst College and from Harvard Medical School; m. Sarah Helen Travis, dr. of Clark and Ede G. (Bacon) Travis, b. in Lempster, N.H., Aug. 11, 1834; cer. in Boston, Nov. 24, 1862, by Rev. J. T. Tucker. Issue:—

LILLIAN TRAVIS, b. Chicago, Ill., July 1, 1866. FRANCIS CLARK, b. Chicago, Ill., June 6, 1869. FLORA HELEN, b. Chicago, Ill., Sept. 30, 1871. EDGAR DANIEL, b. Chicago, Ill., Jan. 26, 1874; d. June 3, 1874. LOTTIE MAY, b. Chicago, Ill., Oct. 28, 1875; d. Oct. 23, 1880.

The doctor set. in Chicago, perhaps 1861. Professional, social, and religious standing high.


NELSON, CHARLES PLUMB, son of John and Betsey (Plumb) Nelson, and gd. son of James, b. Montpelier, Vt., Feb. 22, 1832; m. Chloris C. Cummings, dr. of Royal and Ruth K. (Aldrich) Cummings, b. Douglas, April 15, 1831; cer. in Mendon, June 8, 1854, by Rev. William Pentecost. Their chn.:—

HENRY E., b. Mil., Aug. 26, 1855; m. Addie M. Rogers, Nov. 30, 1876. ROSA M., b. Mil., May 7, 1861. CLARA F., b. Mil., April 12, 1877; d. April 12, 1877.

Mr. Nelson is a boot-finisher; an excellent citizen, and a stanch, intelligent Methodist Christian. I presume the wf. and family are of like worthy character. I have an impression that there is or was more of this branch of Nelsons in town, but I have not a genealogical knowledge of the facts.

NELSON, WILLIAM, of Mendon, is an elder bro. of Charles P.

NELSON, JOHN, of this town, is his younger bro.; unm.; bootmaker.