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ALDRICH: Barbour Collection of Connecticut Vital Records Before 1850

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Below are all the ALDRICH entries, transcribed from the LDS-microfilmed Barbour Collection of Connecticut Vital Records Before 1850 (see the Connecticut State Library's description of the collection).

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ALDRICH and variants


I've made this transcription as exact as possible, the usual caveats applying, except for regularizing punctuation when it was omitted (usually because of lack of space on the cards). I've noted various errors and misspellings, but do not know whether they occurred in the original records or are transcription errors. All records are public records of the given towns, except for the private Brown Diary. The names are almost alphabetical, that is, they occur where they would be if they had been spelled correctly (e.g., "Esaac"); this is preserved from the film. Also, the non-punctuated middle initials of the entry names are preserved.

Original editorial comments, not mine, are in square brackets.

Names of ancestors are in bold red type; relatives in bold green type.

This is the film's Family History Library catalog entry:

Title: Barbour collection: Connecticut vital records prior to 1850 Stmnt.Resp.: compiled under the supervision of Lucius A. Barbour and Lucius B. Barbour Authors: Barbour, Lucius B. (Lucius Barnes), 1878-1934 (Added Author) Barbour, Lucius A (Added Author) Connecticut State Library (Hartford, Connecticut) (Added Author) Notes: Microfilm of original records at the State Library Hartford, Connecticut. Alphabetically arranged by towns, with general index arranged under surnames. Subjects: Connecticut - Vital records Format: Manuscript (On Film) Language: English Publication: Salt Lake City: Filmed by the Genealogical Society of Utah, 1949 Physical: 98 microfilm reels; 16 and 35 mm. General index Aa - Alk FHL US/CAN Film 2887

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ALDREDGE [see under Aldrich]
[see also Aldrick & Eldredge]
Name Event Town Vol. Page Transcriber's comments
ALDRICH Aaron m. Harriet A. Cheeseborough, b. of Burrillville, R.I., Aug. 2, 1847, by Rev. Charles Willett Thompson 3 1 Handwritten "2" under the "3," "18"? under the "1"
ALDRICH Abby M m. James R. Daggett, b. of Woodstock, Jan. 30, 1843, by Rev. Erastus Benton Thompson 2 37  
[ALDRICH] Abby Maria d. [Zacheus & Peggy H.], b. Feb. 10, 1821 Pomfret 4 9  
ALDRICH Abigail F of Smithfield, R.I., m. James R. Stone, of Providence Apr. 11, 1841, by Rev. Daniel Dow Thompson 2 7  
ALDRIDGE Agnes E Miss, of Willington, m. Turner Marble, of Charlton, Mass., Feb. 19, 1849, at Willington, by Rev. D. Bancroft (This entry taken from original marriage certificate) Willington     No Vol. & Page numbers given
ALDRICH Alexander m. Mary F. Skinner, b. of Norwalk, Dec. 28, 1845, by W. C. Hoyt Norwalk 1 31  
ALDRICH Alpha B m. Robert P. Williams, b. of Cumberland, R.I., Feb. 1, 1846, by Vernon Stiles, J.P. Thompson 2 113  
ALDRICH Alzada Æ 18, b. Pomfret, res. Johnston, R.I., m. James Brown, wheelwright, Æ 28, b. Johnston, R.I., res. Johnston, R.I., Aug. 12, 1849, by Rev. Allen Darrow (Perhaps "Jonas"?) Thompson 3 36  
ALDRICH Ama of Smithfield, "Mr. Brown & I went to see her Oct. 25, 1826; returned the 31st" Woodstock Brown Diary 55  
ALDRICH Ama wid., d. Mar. 4, 1854, Æ 73 Woodstock Brown Diary 96  
ALDRICH Amanda m. Marcus Goodale, Sept. 18, 1831, by Ebenezer Gay Suffield NB1 363  
ALDRICH Amanda of Glocester, R.I., m. Duty Place, June 19, 1853, by Rev. J. C. Dow Killingly 2 78  
ALDRICH Anan E of Killingly, m. Abby A. Burgess, of Foster, Oct. 9, 1833, by Rev. James Grow Thompson 1 84m  
OULDAG* Ann m. John Osbo[r]n, May 19, 1645
Windsor MG P   No Page number, asterisked comment handwritten
ALDRICH Ann A m. William J. Johnson, June 21, 1863 Woodstock Brown Diary 115  
ALDRICH Ann E m. Henry F. Williams, b. of Thompson, Sept. 10, 1843, by Rev. Daniel Dow Thompson 2 50  
ALDRICH Ann M m. Thadeas Petteplace, b. of Fitchburg, Mass., June 3, 1846, by Rev. Charles Willett Thompson 2 133  
ALDRICH Arathusa M of Grafton, Mass., m. Charles A. Gorton, of Smithfield, R.I., Nov. 27, 1842, by Vernon Stiles, J.P. Thompson 2 34  
ALDREDGE Artemus of Belchertown, m. Hannah Cobet, of Ware, May 16, 1832, by Amos Harvey, J.P. Stafford 2-M 41  
ALDRICH Barbara m. Edmund Carpenter, b. of Douglass, Mass., Nov. 29, 1846, by Vernon Stiles, J.P. Thompson 2 150 sic, Douglas
ALDRICH Chandler m. Alvina Chafee, May 23, 1864 Woodstock Brown Diary 117  
ALDRICH Chandler & w. [] left for Ohio, May 29, 1866 Woodstock Brown Diary 120  
ALDRICH Charles m. Jane Chaffee, Feb. 16, 1875 Woodstock Brown Diary 140  
ALDRICH Charles C m. Esther Converse, Mar. 4, 1849, by Fred Hovey, J.P. Thompson 2 226  
ALDRICH Content of Foster, R.I., m. Benjamin Burlingham, of Killingly, Dec. 14, 1826, by Rev. Calvin Cooper Killingly 1 117  
ALDRIDGE Daniel of Troy, m. Rachel Landon, June 23, 1825, by Rev. Isaac Jones Litchfield 2 27  
ALDRICH Daniel m. Hannah Foster, b. of Thompson, Oct. 19, 1845, by Rev. Benjamin C. Phelps, of West Killingly. Witness, N. G. Lippitt Killingly 2 32  
ALDRIDGE David m. Rhoda A. Bassett, b. of Smithfield, R.I., June 26, 1842, by Rev. Daniel Dow Thompson 2 25  
ALDRICH David m. Mary Phillips, Jan. 8, 1874 Woodstock Brown Diary 138  
ALDRICH David his s. [], b. Aug. [], 1876 Woodstock Brown Diary 143  
ALDRICH Dianna m. Jedediah Perrin, Sept. 27, 1801 Pomfret 2 140  
ALDRICH Eddy of Douglass, Mass., m. Martha Burlingame, of Burrillville, R.I., Nov. 12, 1837, by Rev. Daniel Dow Thompson 1 110m sic, Douglas
ALDRICH Eddie d. Dec. 12, 1868, Æ 52 Woodstock Brown Diary 128  
ALDRICH Edward of Thompson, m. Adelia Comstock, of Union, Feb. 22, 1830, by Rev. Ira M. Bidwell Union 1-M 1  
ALDRICH Edward d. Aug. 12, 1874 Woodstock Brown Diary 139  
ALDRICH Elcy Ann m. Edward Lee, b. of Willington, [May] 6, [1838], by Rev. Jere Chaplin Willington D 57  
ALDRICH Elias m. Frances E. Cundall, b. of Cumberland, R.I., Sept. 10, 1843, by Vernon Stiles, J.P. Thompson 2 49  
ALDRICH Elijah A m. Betsey A. Pickering, May 7, 1843, by Rev. L. Geo[rge] Larned Thompson 2 41  
ALDRICH Elisha S m. Caroline M. Lincoln, b. of Smithfield, R.I., May 30, 1847, by Vernon Stiles, J.P. Thompson 2 171  
ALDRICH Eliza m. Nehemiah R. Clapp, b. of Abington, Jan 2, 1842, by Rev. B. N. Harris. Intention published in Abington Hampton 2 301  
ALDRIDG[E] Elizabeth of Bridgwarter, m. Edward Rose, of Bolton, Aug, 31, 1722 Bolton 1 201 sic, Bridgewater
ALDRICH Elizabeth m. Winthrop Chandler, Jr., b. of Thompson, Sept. 14, 1829, by Ira M. Bidwell Thompson 1 62m  
ALDRICH Elmer E b. Killingly, res. Pomfret, s. Marcus, d. Oct. 24, 1869, Æ 7 y. 27 d. Pomfret 5 18  
ALDRICH Elmer Lincoln s. Chandler, b. Aug. 28, 1865 Woodstock Brown Diary 118  
ALDRICH Emeline A Mrs. m. William E. Sheldon, b. of Thompson, Dec. 20, 1846, by Rev. G. W. Stearnes Thompson 2 149  
ALDRICH Emily M m. Oliver C. Haven, b. of Upton, Mass., Sept. 19, 1854, by Rev. James D. Butler Norwich 7 381  
ALDRICH Eppes W m. Rhoda L. Smith, b. of Cumberland, R.I., Feb. 3, 1843, by Vernon Stiles, J.P. Thompson 2 39  
ALDRICH Esek m. Caroline A. Smith, b. of Foster, R.I., Nov. 27, 1842, by Vernon Stiles, J.P. Thompson 2 34  
ALDRICH Esther M of Norwalk, m. Nathan S. Moore, of New York, Feb. 8, 1846, by W. C. Hoyt Norwalk 1 31  
ALDRICH Eunice of Willington, m. Bradley Pitts, of Charlton, Mass., May 29, 1842, by E. Cushman Willington D 82 Punctuation made standard
ALDRICH Fenelia C m. William F. Bailey, b. of Thompson, Nov. 9, 1835, by Rev. Bela Hicks Thompson 1 98m  
ALDRICH Francis H m. Palmer Clarke, b. of Woodstock, Oct. 31, 1824, by Rev. Eliphalet Lyman Woodstock 2-M 134  
ALDRICH Frances L m. Wilder Mitchell, b. of Glocester, R.I., Aug. 25, 1844, by Vernon Stiles, J.P. Thompson 2 70  
ALDRICH Francis N of Killingly, m. Lucretia D. Cutler, of Thompson, Aug. 3, 1840, by Rev. Henry Robinson, North Killingly Thompson 1 141m  
ALDRICH Frederick A m. Margaret Seaver, June 11, 1854, by Rev. E. F. Hinks Thompson 2 282  
ALDRICH George m. Sarah Fay, b. of Worcester, Mass., May 11, 1845, by Vernon Stiles, J.P. Thompson 2 87  
ALDRICH George B of Attleborough, Mass., m. Mary H. Brooks, of Bethany, June 3, 1839, by Henry N. Day Waterbury 3 108 Handwritten "241" under "108"
[ALDRICH] George Franklin [s. George B. & Mary H.], b. Mar. 29, 1844 Waterbury 3 241  
ALDRICH Harriet G m. Richard G. Loomis, b. of Southwick, Mass., June 10, 1841, by Rev. Darius Stocking Hartford 1 168  
ALDRICH Harris W m. Eliza Steere, b. of Glocester, R.I., Dec. 21, 1845 by Rev. Daniel Williams Killingly 2 35  
ALDRICH Harrison m. Harriet Gager, Nov. 26, 1863 Woodstock Brown Diary 116  
ALDRICH Harrison his w. [], d. Apr. 20, 1873, in Thompson, Æ 3[] Woodstock Brown Diary 136  
ALDRICH Harrison m. Ellen Thurber, June 29, 1876 Woodstock Brown Diary 143  
ALDRICH Harrison his s. [], d. Nov. 25, 1877, Æ 6 mos. Woodstock Brown Diary 146  
ALDRICH Harrison d. Feb. 12, 1878, Æ 38 Woodstock Brown Diary 146  
ALDRICH Harty of Thompson, m. Ephraim Carpenter, of Ashford, Dec. 7, 1829, by Edward S. Keyes, J.P. Ashford 5 37  
ALDRICH Henry Dr., of South Kingstown, R.I., m. Betsey Tillinghast, of Voluntown, June 23, 1830, by Rev. Orin Fowler Plainfield 2 211 Punctuation made standard
[ALDRICH] Henry Bartholomew s. [Zacheus & Peggy H.], b. June 27, 1823 Pomfret 4 9  
ALDRICH Henry L merchant, Æ 24, b. Plainfield, res. Worcester, Mass., m. Annie W. Talbot, Æ 25, b. N.Bridge, Mass., res. Plainfield, Apr. 22, 1850, by Rev. J. O. Knapp Plainfield 4 6 Handwritten "3" and "64" under the "4" and "6"
ALDRICH Esaac his w. [], d. Mar. 17, 1856 Woodstock Brown Diary 100  
ALDRICH Esaac d. Oct. 4, 1858 Woodstock Brown Diary 105  
ALDRICH Israel m. Martha A. Belcher, b. of Uxbridge, Mass., Dec. 16, 1838, by Rev. H. Fitts Thompson 1 122m  
ALDRICH Jacob T of Colebrook, N.H., m. Elizabeth Pease, of East Windsor, Aug. 5, 1833, by Rev. Shubael Bartlett East Windsor 1 96  
ALDRICH James Binney s. Silas N., farmer, Æ 38, & Mary A., Æ 37, b. May 17, 1849 Thompson 3 25  
ALDRICH James W s. Thomas, manufacturer, Æ 26, & Mary J., Æ 21, b. Dec. 14, 1849 Thompson 3 34  
ALDRICH Jane d. June 19, 1802 Ellington 1 1  
ALDRICH Jane of Thompson, m. John Haven, of Dudley, Mass., May 2, 1849, by Rev. Daniel Dow Thompson 2 222  
ALDRICH Jashub W of Smithfield, m. Susan Jacobs, of Cumberland, R.I., June 27, 1841, by Rev. Daniel Dow Thompson 2 10  
ALDRICH John of New York, m. Sarah Hyde Pinney, of Stafford, Oct. 6, 1821, by Rev. D. P. Livermore Stafford 2-M 126  
ALDRICH John H of Providence, R.I., m. Sarah Ann Johnson, of Stafford, Dec. 8, 1839, by Waldo Lyon Stafford 2-M 72  
ALDRICH Jonathan T m. Sophronia Terrell, b. of Willington, Aug. 12, 1838, by Nicholas Branch Willington D 58  
ALDRICH Jonathan of Killingly, m. Abigail Darling, of Thompson, Mar. 19, 1835, by Rev. H. Brownson Thompson 1 94m  
ALDRICH Jonathan widower, d. June 7, 1866, Æ 72 Pomfret 5 16  
ALDRICH Julia Ann of Killingly, m. Samuel Smith, of Foster, R.I., Mar. 14, 1829, by Elder George W. Appleton Killingly 1 121  
ALDRICH Laura M m. Seth F. Draper, b. of Thompson, Nov. 15, 1842, by Rev. Daniel Dow Thompson 2 31  
ALDRICH Lavina m. Henry Asysones, b. of Killingly, Sept. 15, 1852, by Rev. Isaac H. Coe Killingly 2 73  
ALDRICH Levi L s. Francis N., farmer, Æ 32, & Lucretia D., Æ 28, b. Nov. 10, 1847 Pomfret 4 76  
[ALDRICH] Lewis Franklin [s. George B. & Mary H.], b. Mar. 16, 1840; d. at 5 das. of age Waterbury 3 241  
ALDRICH Livena of Simsbury, m. Lemuel Bunnell, of Burlington, Mar. 17, 1850, by Rev. Miles N. Olmsted Simsbury TM5 267  
ALDRIDGE Lois m. Calvin H. Beers, July 4, 1847, by Rev. David Baldwin Guilford 2 377  
ALDRICH Loisia of Woodstock, m. Edward Smith, of Needham, Mass., July 8, 1821, by Eliphalet Lyman Woodstock 2-M 120  
ALDRICH Louisa C m. Henry Doty, 2nd, b. of Bristol, R.I., Oct. 11, 1851, by Rev. Daniel Williams Killingly 2 67  
ALDRICH Lucetta Æ 16, d. Morey & Annis, of Southwick, Mass., m. Aaron K. Rising, farmer, Æ 29, s. Walter(?) & Betsey, of Southwick, Sept. 23, 1846, by Rev. Allen McLean. Int. Pub. Sept. 21, 1846 Simsbury TM5 255  
ALDRICH Lucian of Foster, [m.] Rhoda P. Caller, of Killingly, Apr. 17, 1842, [by George Larned, J.P.] Thompson 2 278  
ALDRICH Lucinda of Willington, m. Orange Cleveland, of Tolland, Nov. 24, 1836, by Rev. Jere Chaplin Willington D 48  
ALDRICH Lucretia m. Rhodes Allen, b. of Woodstock, Aug. 26, 1839, by Rev. Bela Hicks Pomfret 3 60  
[ALDRICH] Lucretia Alzada d. [Zacheus & Peggy H.], b. Oct. 21, 1818 Pomfret 4 9  
ALDRICH Lura Maria m. Willis Bowen, b. of Willington, Dec. 6, 1830, by Francis Wood, Clerk Willington D 5  
ALDRICH Lydia of Preston, m. Timothy Palmer, of Norwich, Jan. 29, 1783 Preston 6 2  
ALDRICH Lydia Ann of Smithfield, R.I., m. Levi M. Snow, of Cumberland, R.I., Nov. 25 1832, by W[illia]m Bushnall Killingly 1 84 Handwritten "131" beside "84"
ALDRICH Lydia Ann m. Henry Sparks, b. of Killingly, June 3, 1838, by Rev. Epaphras Goodman Killingly 2 4a  
ALDRICH Marion A d. William A., laborer, b. Apr. 15, 1851 Thompson 3 43  
ALDRIDGE Marriette of Thompson, m. W[illia]m Bartlett, of Ashford, June 11, 1834, by Rev. Bela Hicks Thompson 1 88m  
ALDRICH Martha m. Ebenezer Kingsbury, b. of Woodstock, Mar. 22, 1846, by Roger Albeston Woodstock 2-M 229  
ALDRIDGE Martin m. Lydia Hill, Mar. 2, 1837, by Anson Spelman, J.P. Stafford 2-M 65  
ALDRIDGE Mary m. William Buxton, b. of Douglass, Mass., Aug. 1, 1841, by Rev. Daniel Dow Thompson 2 12 sic, Douglas
ALDRICH Mary m. Anthony Potter, b. of Thompson, Dec. 15, 1845, by Rev. Samuel Brimblecom Thompson 2 110  
ALDRICH Mary A m. Charles C. Carpenter, b. of Thompson, May 30, 1847, by Rev. G. W. Stearns Thompson 2 172  
ALDRICH Mary Ann of Pomfret, m. William Chapman, of Woodstock, Sept. 3, 1838, by Rev. James Grow, of Hampton Pomfret 3 56  
ALDRICH Mary E m. Daniel A. Lyon, Nov. 30, 1865 Woodstock Brown Diary 119  
ALDRICH Mary M of Killingly, m. David T. Potter, of Brooklyn, Aug. 17, 1845, by Tho[ma]s Dike, J.P. Killingly 2 28  
ALDRIDGE Mary N [m.] George W. Herrick, of Cumberland, Sept. 10, 1837, [by George Larned, J.P.] Thompson 2 277  
ALDRICH Moses m. Amy Arnold, May 7, 1848, by Rev. Charles Willett Thompson 2 201 Handwritten "3" and "9" under "2" and "201"
ALDRICH Mowry m. Clarissa Young, b. of Smithfield, R.I., Aug. 14, 1842, by Vernon Stiles, J.P. Thompson 2 29  
ALDRICH Nancy E of Pomfret, m. Noys W. Chapman, of Hampton, Feb. 2, 1845, by Rev. R. V. Lyon, Abington Society Pomfret 3 74  
ALDRICH Naomi m. Caleb Chaffee, Feb. 25, 1800 Woodstock 2-M 104  
ALDRICH Nathan d. Oct. 24, 1802 Ellington 1 1  
ALDRICH Nathan of Smithfield, R.I., m. Amy* Arnold, of Thompson, Apr. 6, 1826, by Rev. Daniel Dow
Thompson 1 44m Handwritten asterisked "Anna," and handwritten notation "Woodstock Brown Diary 54"
ALDRICH Nathan set out for Buffalo, June 9, 1829 returned from Buffalo, Aug. 10, 1829 Woodstock Brown Diary 57  
ALDRICH Nathan s. George W. & Olive, b. Aug. 17, 1836 Willington D 50  
ALDRICH Nathan of Westmoreland, N.H., m. Lois Steavens, of Guilford, Sept. 9, 1838, by Rev. H. F. Pease Guilford 2 336 Punctuation made standard
ALDRICH Nathan d. Feb. 26, 1851, in Smithfield, Æ 88 Woodstock Brown Diary 89  
ALDRICH Nathan d. Oct. 29, 1873, Æ 79 Woodstock Brown Diary 137  
ALDRICH Nehemiah W m. Dianna Phelps, b. of Belchertown, Dec. 1, 1830, by Amos Harvey, J.P. Stafford 2-M 37  
ALDRICH Nelson m. Lucia A. Barber, b. of Canton, Aug. 1, 1849, by Rev. Jairus Burt Canton 1 33  
ALDRICH Nelson of Elkhorn, Ill., m. Hannah P. Austin, of Thompson, Jan. 1, 1854, by Rev. Moses Curtis Thompson 2 265  
ALDRICH Nelson P of Woodstock, m. Sarah C. Borden, of Thompson, Nov. 29, 1846, by Rev. G. W. Stearns Thompson 2 149  
[ALDRICH] Nelson Perrin s. [Zacheus & Peggy H.], b. Aug. 17, 1825 Pomfret 4 9  
ALDRICH Newel adm. fr. 1844 from Killingly Hampton TM   No page number
ALDRICH Orin S m. Emeline A. Keach, b. of Thompson, June 9, 1844, by Rev. Benj[ami]n C. Phelps. Witness, Jane Converse. Thompson 2 63  
ALDRICH Phebe F of Smithfield, m. Francis Camp, of Hartford, [] [1845], by Rev. Robert R. Raymond Hartford 1 226  
ALDRICH Philinda of Douglass, Mass., m. Arnold Stone, of Burrillville, R.I., Nov. 13, 1844, by Vernon Stiles, J.P. Thompson 2 76 sic, Douglas
ALDRICH Pliny M. of Woonsocket, R.I., m Celestia Johnson, of East Windsor, Nov. 9, 1852, by Rev. James Mather East Windsor 1 135  
ALDRICH Rachal A [of] Auburn, Mass., m. W[illia]m C. Ackley, June 29, 1845, by Vernon Stiles, J.P. Thompson 2 92  
ALDRICH Ralph W of Thompson, m. Martha Perrin, of Woodstock, Sept. 8, 1841, by Rev. James Grow Woodstock 2-M 206  
ALDRICH Ralph W m. Caroline E. Elliott, b. of Thompson, Nov. 3, 1851, by Rev. A. Dunning Thompson 2 348  
OLDAGE Richard d. Jan. 27, 1660 Windsor 1 48 Handwritten "MG" under "1"
ALDRICH Robbert s. Harrison, d. Apr. 22, 1873, Æ 1 Woodstock Brown Diary 136  
ALDRICH Robert H. of Uxbridge, Mass., m. Emily Munion, of Thompson, Aug. 4, 1836, by Rev. Bela Hicks Thompson 1 102m  
ALDRICH Rosina P of Thompson, m. Jerome B. Bennett, of Woodstock, Nov. 30, 1837, by Rev. Hervey Fitts Thompson 1 110m  
ALDRICH Russell of Burrillville, R.I., m. Vienna Balcomb, of Douglass, Mass., May 9, 1841, by Rev. Daniel Dow Thompson 2 9 sic, Douglas
ALDRICH Ruth M m. John R. Reynolds, b. of Northbridge, Mass., June 20, 1847, by Rev. Charles Willett Thompson 2 172  
ALDRICH Sarah weaver, b. Foster, R.I., res. Thompson, m. Larkin Stone, carpenter, b. Foster, R.I., res. Thompson, Sept. 10, 1849, by Rev. C. Willett Thompson 3 23 Handwritten "8" under the 9 of "1849," "2" and "212" under the "3" and "23"
ALDRICH Sarah d. George, blacksmith, Æ 29, & Mary E., Æ 24, b. Apr. 14, 1850 Norwich 7.5 90  
ALDRICH Sarah housewife, b. Thompson, res. Pomfret, d. Dec. 5, [1849], Æ 57 Pomfret 4 89  
ALDRICH Sarah A m. Alfred Boynton, b. of Pelham, Mass., Dec. 2, 1839, by Zina Winter, J.P. Stafford 2-M 72  
ALDRICH Sarah F m. Joseph Bucanan, b. of Thompson, Dec. 10, 1837, by Rev. Daniel Dow Thompson 1 110m  
ALDRICH Serina d. John C., farmer, Æ 34, Æ Emily Æ 29, b. Feb. 9* [1850]

*(First written "Oct. 10")
Avon LR4 372 sic, "& Emily"; the asterisked comments are part of the original typewriting
ALDRICH Silas N of Woodstock, m. Mary A. Allton, of Thompson, Nov. 8, 1835, by Rev. Bela Hicks Thompson 1 97m  
ALDRICH Spraue m. Betsey Pratt, b. of Woodstock, Feb. 17, 1831, by W[illia]m Bowen, J.P. Woodstock 2-M 156 sic, Sprague?
ALDRICH Stephen A m. Mahola R. Copeland, b. of Smithfield, R.I., June 26, 1836, by Rev. Daniel Dow Thompson 1 101m  
ALDRICH Susan E of Woonsocket, R.I., m. Oliver W. May, Dec. 12, 1847, by Rev. J. M. Willey Stonington 5 182  
ALDRICH Susan S m. Milo W Brooks, b. of Leicester, Mass., Aug. 13, 1846, by Vernon Stiles, J.P. Thompson 2 135  
ALDRICH Syrene m. Farnum Gifford, b. of Uxbridge, Mass., July 7, 1844, by Vernon Stiles, J.P. Thompson 2 66  
ALDRICH Thomas m. Mary Jane Whittemore, b. of Thompson, Jan. 3, 1847, by Rev. Charles Willett Thompson 2 152  
ALDRICH Thomas J m. Sarah Southwick, b. of Smithfield, R.I., Oct. 10, 1841, by Rev. Daniel Dow Thompson 2 15  
ALDRICH Timothy of Oxford, Mass., m. Milly Ann Elliott, of Thompson, May 23, 1842, by Rev. Daniel Dow Thompson 2 23  
ALDRICH Tirzah of East Douglass, Mass., m. John C. Morrill, of Warehouse Pt., Conn., June 6, 1847, by Rev. Charles Willett Thompson 2 173 sic, Douglas
ALDRICH Warren of Collinsville, m. Lois A. Hitchcock, of Burlington, June 16, 1844, by Rev. James Noyes Burlington 7 50  
ALDRICH William m. Abby S. Carpenter, Sept. 19, 1848, by Mowry Amsbury, J.P. Witnesses, Betsey W. Amsbury & Sarah J. Bullock Killingly 2 48  
ALDRICH William C of Thompson, m. Sophia Marcy, of Woodstock, Aug. 14, 1837, by Rev. Thomas Huntington Woodstock 2-M 184  
ALDRICH William P m. Sarah Ann Logan, b. of Millbury, Mass., May 8, 1831, by Rev. James Grow Thompson 1 73m  
ALDRIGe William W of Providence, m. Phebe S. Card, of Sterling, Feb. 20, 1831, by Nathaniel Cole, of Plainfield Sterling 1 223a  
ALDRICH W[illia]m W of Webster, Mass., m. Eliza G. Bowen, of [Jewett City], Aug. 9, 1847, by Tho[ma]s S. Shipman Griswold 1 220  
ALDRICH Willis of Belchertown, m. Roxana Fairchild, of Chickopee, M[as]s., Mar. 12, 1829, by Geer Terry, J.P. Enfield 4 1814 sic, Chicopee
ALDREDGE Wyllys of Belchertown, m. Mary Edson, of Stafford, Sept. 4, 1832, by Nathan Bartlett, J.P. Stafford 2-M 44  
ALDRICH Zacheus of Pomfret, m. Peggy H. Bartholomew, of Woodstock, Jan. 21, 1816 Pomfret 4 9  
ALDRICH ----- d. Darius L., weaver, Æ 30, & Hannah, Æ 21, b. July 6, 1848
Perhaps July 16
Thompson 3 18  
OLDRIDGE ----- s. John F., manufacturer, Æ 37, of Rockville, & Sophia, Æ 32, b. July 15, 1849 Vernon 3 116-7  
ALDRICH ----- child of Harver, tinsmith, Æ 23, & Mary, Æ 22, b. July [], 1850 Norwich 7 1/2 107  
ALDRICH ----- female, d. Feb. 8, [1853], Æ 7 Thompson 3 64  
ALDRICK [see also Aldrich]
Name Event Town Vol. Page Transcriber's comments
ALDRICK John of [Hartford], m. Emily Hart, of Avon, Feb. 11, 1838, by Rev. David Osborn Hartford 1 136  
ALDRIDGE [see under Aldrich]