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These are images of Margaret Doherty's Saint Patrick's Manual, Epistles & Gospels and her Manual of Catholic Devotions for General Use.

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As the title page of the Saint Patrick's Manual, Epistles & Gospels is missing, I describe the book here hoping that someone may recognize it and be able to provide a full reference - a definite long shot. Contents include litanies, devotions, psalms, prayers, masses, hymns, epistles, and gospels. The book is about 6" by 4", and 2" deep. The front and back covers have an "IHS" monogram. The edges of the covers are metal-protected, and there was a metal clasp, now missing. Also missing are the front section (which includes the title page) through page 48, and the back section, from page 707 on. The binding is very loose. The page edges are gilded and impressed with a pattern. The inside front and rear covers are inscribed by Margaret. The front inscription is reliably readable only to the extent of "N[?] Maggi[e Doh?]erty Huntington, Mass," but the back inscriptions are perfectly clear. Writing her name twice (probably three times), and the somewhat labored-looking hand, imply to me the work of a proud possessor of fairly new cursive skills. Given her birth in 1867 and marriage in 1886, I guess that this dates from the late 1870s. I'm purely speculating that perhaps it was a First Communion gift.

A Manual of Catholic Devotions for General Use. Philadelphia: H. L. Kilner & Co., Publishers. No author, no date. The publication date can be narrowed down. The book carries the imprimatur of James, Cardinal Gibbons, Archbishop of Baltimore (cardinal 1886-1921) and of Patrick John [Ryan], Archbishop of Philadelphia (archbishop 1884-1911). It also lists movable feasts for 1882-1904. There's still no obvious explanation for the manuscript year, which appears originally to be "1910," but marked over with "1880."

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Saint Patrick's Manual

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A Manual of Catholic Devotions for General Use

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