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DISCO, LARAMEE: St. John the Baptist, Keeseville, Clinton County, NY Church Records

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Extracts of DISCO and LARAMEE baptisms and marriages from the records of St. John the Baptist Catholic Church, Keeseville, Clinton County, NY.

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I've made these extracts as accurate as possible, the usual caveats applying. However, the originals are in multiple hands, in French, English, and Latin, of varied clearness; there are imperfect Latinizations of names combined with my non-existent Latin; Anglicization is occurring; there is plenty of reason even to doubt the accuracy of entire surnames. Don't expect definitive spellings! You will definitely want to refer to the original film.

My editorial comments are in square brackets.

Names of ancestors are in bold red type.

This is the film's Family History Library catalog entry:

Title: Church records, 1853-1915 Authors: Catholic Church. St. Jean le Baptiste (Keeseville, New York) (Main Author) Notes: Microfilm of original records at St. Catherine of Sienna, Keeseville, N.Y. Text mainly in French with Latin generally used after 1875 or so. Church records of the "Paroisse de St. Jean Baptiste de Keeseville." Sometimes the congregation was referred to as the "Congregation canadienne de Clintonville." Keeseville is in Clinton and Essex counties, N.Y. Subjects: New York, Clinton, Keeseville - Church records New York, Essex, Keeseville - Church records Format: Manuscript (On Film) Language: French Latin Publication: Salt Lake City : Filmed by the Genealogical Society of Utah, 1986 Physical: on 2 microfilm reels; 35 mm. Baptisms, marriages, burials 1853-1863 FHL US/CAN Film 1450720 Items 8-10 Baptisms, marriages, burials 1864-1915 FHL US/CAN Film 1450721 Items 1-5 (includes confirmations and communions from 1870 to ca. 1915)

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St. John the Baptist Catholic Church, Keeseville, NY (1450721, item 1)
Pg. No. Name Baptized Born Father Mother Godfather Godmother Priest Notes
29 B132 Descaus, Julie 17 Jul 1864 03 Oct 1862 Joseph D'Escot Généviève Severman Joseph Martineau Marie Hélène Severman

90 B.116 Descot, Maria Celina 13 Jun 1866 07 Jun Gulielmis Descot Celina Descot Ludovico Sauvage Euphemia Tremblay

154 B.41 Saintonge, Marie Elizabeth 19? Mar 1868

158 B.73 Laramée, Marie Melina 03 May 1868 29 Apr Magloria Laramée Geneveva Batineau Noe Deslaurier Marie Demers
173 B.178 Laramée, Joanne[s?, m?] 17 Sep 1868 26 Aug Davide Laramée Lydée Soigner[?] Eustach[?] S[?]able Julia Michon
179 B.217 Descaux, David Henricus 17 Nov 1868 21 Aug Henrius[?] Descaux Maria Laramée Thomas Wellers Maria [?]



St. John the Baptist Catholic Church, Keeseville, NY (1450721, item 1)
Page Number Date Groom Bride Witnesses Priest Notes Parents
90 M.28 17 Jun 1866 Octavium Descot Dinam Chiquotte Gulielmus Descot & Delima Descot
both "filium majorem" Petri Descaux & Meraude Tremblay, Medardi Chiquotte & Seraphina Labom[bard?]
105 M.54 03 Nov 1866 Robertum Coventry Henriettam Laramée Alfred Leduc, Rosalia Pelletier Legrand both "filium minorem" Caroli Coventry & Sara, Joa[?]iam Laramée & Cecilie Hébert
136 M.31 01 Sep 1867 Xaverium Laramée, 19 Celiniam Descaux, 16 Gulielm[?] & Ada Descaux Legrand
Juliani Laramée & "defunctae[?]" Phebeo Godefoix, Moysio Descaux & Sophia Boissonneaux
147 M.47 31 Dec 1867 Benjamin Belle-île, 29 Celinam Laramée, 17 Joannem Belle-île, Maria Hamel

Benjamin Belle-île & Margarita Hamel, Josepho Laramée & Cecilia Hebert