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William SCANLON Discharge Records

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Almost-verbatim copy of William SCANLON's discharge papers from H.M. 75th Foot.

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Research at the Public Record Office was done by Bob O'Hara.

I've made this transcription as exact as possible, the usual caveats applying. Italics indicate the hand-written parts of the printed forms. There are several handwritten interpolations in the printed wording of the forms; these are between angle brackets. My editorial comments are in square brackets.

There is an account on the web of the 1857 Siege of Delhi, specifically referring to the 75th Regiment: the autobiography of Field Marshal Lord Roberts of Kandahar, V.C., K.P., G.C.B., G.C.S.I., G.C.I.E., Forty-One Years in India, London, 1897, Chapters XIII-XIX.

William's forfeiture of good conduct pay in June 1858 corresponds pretty well to the end of the Mutiny. Encyclopedia Britannica (15th Edition): "With the British recovery of Gwalior (June 20) the revolt was virtually over.... On August 2, 1858, less than a month after Charles Canning, first viceroy of India, proclaimed the victory of British arms.... " Presumably the army was aware they were winning, and excessive celebration was possible.

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Proceedings of Regimental Board

[?]000 5-66
W.O. Form 83.

HER MAJESTY'S  75th  REG. OF  Foot 
Whereof  Lieut General St J A Clerke KH  is Colonel.

[Place and Date]  Waterford 2nd March  186 7 .
PROCEEDINGS OF A REGIMENTAL BOARD, held this day, in conformity to the Articles of War, for the purpose of verifying and recording the Services, Conduct, Character, and cause of Discharge of  No. 2281, Private William Scanlon  of the Regiment above-mentioned.
 Capt. R. Wadeson V.C. 75th Regt 
 Capt. D. Hammill 75th   Lieut C A Heycock 75th 
THE BOARD having examined and compared the Regimental Records, the Soldier's Book, and such other Documents as appeared to them to be necessary, report that after making every deduction required by Her Majesty's Regulations, the Service up to this day, which he is entitled to reckon, amounts to  20  years,  43  days, as shown by the detailed Statement on the 2nd page; during which period he served abroad  11 321/365  years, viz.:
at                                       years,
in  East Indies 11 321/365  years;
"                                       years;
and further, that his DISCHARGE is proposed in consequence of
[Here state whether - Completion of period, at his own request, or as unfit for further Service] his being unfit for further Service
With regard to the CHARACTER and CONDUCT of  No 2281 Private William Scanlon , the Board have to report that upon reference to the Defaulter's Book, and by the Parole testimony that has been given, it appears that
[Insert opposite - the man's Character, the number of Good Conduct Badges in his possession, and all Badges of Merit, or gallant conduct in the Field, conferred upon him.] his character and conduct have been Very Good. He is in possession of Four Good Conduct Badges the Good Conduct Medal with Gratuity and the Indian Mutiny Medal with clasps for Delhi and Relief of Lucknow
[Insert the number of times his Name appears in the Defaulter's Book, and that he has been tried by Court Martial. The charge, finding, and sentence, on each occasion, is to be recorded on a separate sheet, which is to accompany the Discharge Documents. If never tried or entered in the Defaulter's Book, state so.] There is One Entry against him in the Defaulter Book.

Has never been tried by Court Martial
[If this man received Wounds, &c., in action, or other Injuries in or by the Service, although not invalided on account thereof, state here the nature of the wound, or injuries, and when and where he received the same, and if any Court of Enquiry was held, (as is required) state or annex the result.]                                      
 No. 2281 Private William Scanlon  <RW at Cork is not> being asked to what date he has been paid, answered, that his Account is balanced up to the latest period required by the Regulations; and being further asked whether he has any claim on the Regiment for Arrears of PAY, ALLOWANCES, or CLOTHING, answered, that he has received all just demands, from his entry into the Service up to the  2nd March 1867  and in confirmation thereof, affixes his signature hereto.

I acknowledge this to be true.  /s/ Wm. Scanlon 
Witness  /s/ N E Byron Captain  Commanding the Company to which he belongs.

The Board have <RW not> ascertained that  No. 2281 Private William Scanlon  Soldier's Book is correctly balanced, and signed by the Officer Commanding his Company, and they declare, that they have impartially inquired into, and faithfully reported upon, all the matters brought before them, in accordance with the Regulations and Instructions issued by Her Majesty's Orders. <This man is at Cork>

 /s/ R. Wadeson Captain  President.
 /s/ D Hammill Capt 75th Reg  Members.
 /s/ C A Heycock Lt 75th Regt 


Statement of Services

Detailed Statement of the Services of  No. 2281, Private William Scanlon 
Regiment Promotions, Reductions, &c. Rank Period of Service in each Rank
From - To
Amount of Service towards G.C. Pay and Pension
Years - Days
Amount of Service towards completion of limited engagement
75th   Private 19 Oct 46 - 18 Jany 48 Underage Unlimited
  " 19 Jany 48 - 2 Mch 67 19 - 43
GCPay at 1d 19 January 1853  
GCPay at 2d 19 January 1858  
Forfeited 1d GCPay 1 June 1858  
Restored 2d GCPay 1 June 1859  
GCPay at 3d 1 June 1861  
Granted One years Additional Service for
Alumbagh HGds GO 810 d/ 2/6/62
1 -
GCPay at 4d 19 January 1865  
Total of the foregoing Statement..  ..  ..  .. 20 - 43  
* Further Service from the  3 March  to the  9 April  when finally discharged - 38  
Total Service allowed to reckon to the day of final discharge..  .. 20 - 81  
* To be erased, when not required, by drawing the Pen through the Lines.
I have carefully examined the Proceedings of this Board in all its details, and I find them in every respect correct.

 /s/ M L[?] Mansell[?] LtColonelmajor[?] 
Commanding  75 Regt. of  Foot 


Medical Report

Medical Report on the case of  2281 Private William Scanlon 75th Regt  who is recommended for discharge.

The Examining Surgeon is required to furnish answers to these questions, or explain why he is unable to do so.
1. State the name of the disability, &c. Dysecaa et Ophthalmia
2. 1stly.-State whether the disability existed prior to enlistment, and the grounds upon which such opinion is formed. No
   2ndly.-Whether the invalid, if discharged, can be repassed into the service. No
3. In Ophthalmic, or other disorders of the eyes, state how the disease was contracted, and whether the same was or was not prevalent at the time in the Regiment, or at the Station. Contracted by tropical service (East Indian)
4. If the disability is the result of wounds, or other injuries, received in action, or in the discharge of some act of military duty, describe distinctly the wound, &c., and by what weapon, &c., inflicted. No
5. If the injury occurred in, but not by, the service, state how it occurred. In and by the service
6. And, whatever may have caused the disability, &c., describe the present state thereof, and the probable effect in future on the invalid's capability of contributing towards earning a livelihood, adding how far it is considered to have been caused, or aggravated by, the use of intoxicating liquors, or indulgence in other habits or vices. Dysecaa caused by sun stroke during Indian campaign (1857) rendering this worthy old soldier quite incapable of contributing toward earning his livelihood. It has not in any way been aggravated by vice or misconduct.

Signature  /s/ H[C?]arter Murphy Asst Surg. 75th  Place  Waterford  Date  23 Feb 1867 

Opinion of the Inspecting Medical Officer.

I hereby declare that I have carefully read the whole of the Medical Records of the case of No.  2281 Pte. Willm. Scanlan 75  Regiment, and have made a most minute personal examination of the man himself, in which I have verified the answers of  Asst Surg Murphy  (Surgeon or Assistant Surgeon, as the case may be) to the above questions, and I am of the opinion that the disability of No.  2281 Pte. Willm. Scanlan 75  Regiment, permanently incapacitates him for the active duties of a soldier, and that he cannot re-enlist if discharged.

Signature of Principal Medical Officer  /s/ J W Chambers MD  Place  Cork  Date  13 March 1867 
 [B?]y Insp. General 

I am of opinion that for the medical reasons above assigned, and after personal inspection, the man in question is no longer fit to perform the duties of a soldier.

Signature of the Inspecting General  /s/ H Waters MGenl 

The Discharge of the above-named man is approved by The Field Marshal <General> Commanding-in-Chief

Horse Guards <Adjutant General's Office Dublin>  9 April 18 67 

 /s/ Graham Hay 


Description When Discharged

No.  2281 Private Wm. Scanlon 
referred to in the preceding pages, by
Trade a  Labourer 
was born in the Parish of  Devonport 
near the Town of  Devonport 
in the County of  Devon 
and attested for the  75th  Regt.
at  Athlone 
in the County of              
on the  19 October 1846 
at the Age of  16 9/12 years 
His final description, &c., when discharged from the Service, at  Cork 
this  9  day of  April  18  67 
Age  37 years & threetwo (2) months 
Height  5  Feet  6  Inches
Complexion  Fresh 
Eyes  Blue 
Hair  Dark brown 
Trade  Laborer  [sic]
Marks or Scars upon the face, or other parts
of the body             

Intended Place of Residence  Not known 
 1 Armond Street 
 JC[?] En[?] Wood