Hot Train Action from the Sixties

Westfield, Massachusetts
New York Central 8228 New Haven yard
On July 23, 1964, RS-3 8228 does the interchange honors along the north bank of the Westfield River on the Boston & Albany near the New Haven diamond. The New Haven's yard, seen here looking north from the Pochassic Street bridge, now belongs to a Pinsly short line, the Pioneer Valley RR. Suffice it to say, the yard these days isn't what it used to be.

Attleboro, Massachusetts
New Haven 594 Another yard that isn't what it used to be, this one in Attleboro is now a parking lot for the MBTA station, where they've reinstalled track 3, which they ripped out a few years ago. Quite a while ago, this yard wasn't even unique - there was another in Attleboro on "the branch," the west end of what became Conrail's Middleboro Secondary. On August 25, 1964, Fairbanks-Morse H16-44 #594 was certainly more eye-catching than the pervasive Hondas and SUVs dominating the scene today, as was even a run-of-the-mill GP-9 in that awesome digger-wasp paint. New Haven's #1218 was here in September 1965.
New Haven 594
New Haven 1218

Mansfield, Massachusetts
NH ???? NH ???? They say you should take your photos while you can. It's true. Who would have guessed that trite straight down the tracks from the overpass shots like this would become impossible to duplicate in 1999? Idiot shields, part of the Northeast Corridor electrification project, have obliterated the view from every overpass between New Haven and Boston. It's possible, though, that those saved from electrocution will have tragic accidents while abusing their personal watercraft.

What? Where? Beats me....
Penn Central, where? It's October, 1969. But where? Maybe along Rte. 20 in Springfield, Massachusetts?
New Haven, where? In 1967, as a guess, New Haven 2509 leads - not a clue where - in about as generic a grade-crossing scene as you can imagine.

Old Man Scanlon missed the Sixties; he was out photographing trains. If you can identify any of the unknown places above, or know the fate of the equipment, please email him.